Tournament Detail
Event: $4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #13)
Location: Tannery Row Ale House (Buford)
Date: 08/27/17
Director: James Kelly
# Players: 115
Scheduled Start: 7:00 PM
Actual Start: 1:00 PM
Final Table Start: 5:15 PM
Tournament End: 6:30 PM

Tournament Results
PlacePlayer Nickname
1stHotshot Member Record Man
ID: 90847
2ndAce Member Cash5
ID: 46917
3rdChampion Member edbulldawg
ID: 96068
4thLegend Member Gary25
ID: 74645
5thLegend Member Ralphjgallagher
ID: 72245
6thAce Member judyjudyjudy
ID: 1520
7thAmateur Member josh5
ID: 89991
8thLegend Member Tee Man
ID: 56006
9thLegend Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
10thHotshot Member Killer Bunny
ID: 29685
11thLegend Member 2Much
ID: 21149
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.

Additional Players
Player Nickname
Legend Member _PEANUT_
ID: 47377
Amateur Member 133Meade
ID: 98710
Legend Member 2praces
ID: 46339
Amateur Member AceKingley
ID: 69807
Legend Member After Thought
ID: 58303
Amateur Member All-In Chris
ID: 70870
Champion Member alltricks
ID: 85420
Legend Member atldivaonadime
ID: 63472
Superstar Member AuntieUp
ID: 60549
Champion Member BabyBoy
ID: 3348
Amateur Member beadczar
ID: 78260
Champion Member Beat Navy 89
ID: 72539
Legend Member Big Daddy Warbucks
ID: 29502
Champion Member Big Dutch
ID: 37058
Legend Member bigdaddyluk
ID: 69527
Veteran Member Boca Bill
ID: 75344
Champion Member Booboy
ID: 65176
Legend Member Butter
ID: 39053
Master Member Cash 174
ID: 50652
Legend Member Cat2DaFi$h
ID: 32203
Fish Member Caveman9
ID: 100080
Hotshot Member Chevy Man
ID: 46379
Champion Member Chiquita
ID: 96071
Pro Member Cisco Kid
ID: 1460
Veteran Member CMAC831
ID: 96592
Amateur Member Coinflip
ID: 71
Amateur Member Coonass
ID: 58863
Amateur Member Cronus
ID: 876
Veteran Member Cynthia88
ID: 78897
Ace Member D.C.14
ID: 47808
Amateur Member daultimate
ID: 91206
Amateur Member Deebee12
ID: 100527
Ace Member DJLEE
ID: 27931
Amateur Member dmlundie
ID: 55110
Hotshot Member DRKAZ
ID: 99653
Veteran Member Ed1025
ID: 85531
Amateur Member EvilRazor
ID: 54414
Master Member Fathead
ID: 17402
Pro Member Fudge
ID: 65172
Veteran Member Gator_Country
ID: 74961
Fish Member Georgia Ferret
ID: 25233
Fish Member Gypyking34
ID: 98683
Pro Member H
ID: 1025
Hotshot Member Ice Cold
ID: 8963
Legend Member J.A.W.S.
ID: 15149
Hotshot Member J'mean
ID: 3975
Veteran Member Jay55
ID: 88789
Amateur Member JMancuso
ID: 99604
Legend Member Joanna
ID: 65044
Veteran Member JSVIRGO
ID: 92735
Legend Member Kamy's Grammy
ID: 5465
Amateur Member KillinmeCalls
ID: 85534
Amateur Member King Karl
ID: 99591
Amateur Member Klassy Karen
ID: 4210
Pro Member Kobra1911
ID: 94189
Amateur Member Lady Luck
ID: 70
Superstar Member Ladyj
ID: 94489
Ace Member Len H
ID: 88654
Ace Member Lil Bull
ID: 70765
Master Member Lillpowell
ID: 79125
Legend Member LooseGoose
ID: 69529
Fish Member lottosay
ID: 100069
Amateur Member Luke Yu
ID: 78559
Ace Member MariettaJay
ID: 24884
Fish Member MarkB
ID: 95189
Amateur Member Miki
ID: 91151
Superstar Member nanajanis
ID: 65177
Fish Member NepaliPoker
ID: 96374
Hotshot Member New Hellmuth
ID: 64422
Legend Member Nicesty
ID: 33869
Hotshot Member nit
ID: 40542
Champion Member phatnate
ID: 62925
Shark Member ppasarge
ID: 21138
Hotshot Member premz
ID: 97604
Legend Member QueenB
ID: 1393
Amateur Member R.J.
ID: 19079
Champion Member R1V3R5
ID: 293
Amateur Member Redthedonkey
ID: 92480
Fish Member Rob G.
ID: 24349
Fish Member Rodnasty
ID: 95181
Hotshot Member Saints Poker Girl
ID: 1463
Champion Member Shadow77
ID: 65995
Legend Member sharae216
ID: 86208
Veteran Member SirenAmity
ID: 57713
Legend Member Slader
ID: 75417
Master Member Smitty1914
ID: 66738
Champion Member spirit101
ID: 47687
Superstar Member spot831
ID: 85831
Champion Member stinkina
ID: 61415
Superstar Member Storm
ID: 68992
Hotshot Member Suga Britches
ID: 91053
Veteran Member SwampRat
ID: 77391
Hotshot Member t.j.m
ID: 15019
Pro Member TDDUSMC
ID: 72086
Hotshot Member Teg
ID: 79213
Hotshot Member The Cleaner
ID: 1464
Hotshot Member The Jeff
ID: 95737
Amateur Member The Razor
ID: 25232
Veteran Member TheSubject
ID: 84010
Shark Member UofM69
ID: 30837
Fish Member VegasKyle
ID: 89987
Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
ID: 8132
Legend Member Xcell
ID: 46084
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.