Tournament Detail
Event: $1,000 Winter Tournament of Champions
Location: J.R. Crickets Riverdale (Atlanta)
Date: 02/18/24
Director: David Mccallum
# Players: 54
Scheduled Start: 1:00 PM
Actual Start: 1:02 PM
Final Table Start: 5:26 PM
Tournament End: 6:09 PM

Tournament Results
PlacePlayer Nickname
1stPro Member HOTNESS
ID: 9928
2ndLegend Member ConfusedFace
ID: 41323
3rdShark Member BALLER 2
ID: 56740
4thChampion Member -AJ-
ID: 58426
5thAce Member Mr. ATL
ID: 31591
6thHotshot Member AceDaDon
ID: 117721
7thLegend Member atldivaonadime
ID: 63472
8thAmateur Member KodakBilly
ID: 113021
9thLegend Member RockPainter
ID: 24250
10thLegend Member Fee
ID: 56877
11thHotshot Member Bluffintonsteal
ID: 105734
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Additional Players
Player Nickname
Fish Member __QuickM__
ID: 112249
Veteran Member -Bones-
ID: 29065
Shark Member 'ALLINVIN'
ID: 51889
Amateur Member 4aChance
ID: 42558
Amateur Member Adam1997420
ID: 113020
Champion Member BigRob
ID: 9156
Shark Member Bizzy585
ID: 104591
Hotshot Member checked up
ID: 70829
Champion Member Couzy
ID: 61220
Legend Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
Legend Member Dedee
ID: 33917
Legend Member Dymonds
ID: 75517
Amateur Member GGParker
ID: 117161
Pro Member grenadier6
ID: 103670
Amateur Member Guacy
ID: 117509
Hotshot Member Jdog678
ID: 113829
Legend Member kit kat
ID: 43495
Amateur Member Kuzya
ID: 9178
Legend Member Lady in Red
ID: 6592
Veteran Member Mister600
ID: 58967
Legend Member MOK
ID: 51870
Shark Member Moto-Moto
ID: 84237
Superstar Member Muchoo
ID: 100294
Hotshot Member Natoria20
ID: 95260
Legend Member panama465
ID: 58982
Amateur Member PocketKingSolomon
ID: 107996
Shark Member Ripz
ID: 63471
Champion Member Saucee1
ID: 108964
Amateur Member Sglen
ID: 69823
Hotshot Member Silky Smooth
ID: 88271
Master Member Soul Brother
ID: 4034
Legend Member TDDUSMC
ID: 72086
Veteran Member Tempestt
ID: 113572
Legend Member The Hammer
ID: 6591
Fish Member TheShark
ID: 52880
Champion Member Tlove911
ID: 101553
Amateur Member TonyStokes
ID: 32691
Legend Member Toy Breaker
ID: 62205
Fish Member Victormendes5
ID: 111950
Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
Amateur Member Virtuousfury
ID: 110985
Superstar Member What ru talkingabout
ID: 40213
Amateur Member Xo_Skorpiio
ID: 119949
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.