Tournament Detail
Event: $500 The Local Bar Points Championship
Location: The Local Bar & Grill (Cartersville)
Date: 05/30/24
Director: Paul Baker
# Players: 27
Scheduled Start: 7:00 PM
Actual Start: 7:00 PM
Final Table Start: 10:05 PM
Tournament End: 10:54 PM

Tournament Results
PlacePlayer Nickname
1stShark Member All-Reds
ID: 104448
2ndShark Member Bingo
ID: 15992
3rdVeteran Member KodakBilly
ID: 113021
4thLegend Member GOHogs60
ID: 103242
5thShark Member Lloydw
ID: 108488
6thHotshot Member Susan_the_Bluffer
ID: 114429
7thHotshot Member Florida
ID: 113196
8thAmateur Member Nathanial
ID: 111584
9thAmateur Member Miles750
ID: 113051
10thAce Member sweet pea 1992
ID: 103247
11thLegend Member Twotone
ID: 78238
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Additional Players
Player Nickname
Pro Member Allinblind
ID: 91787
Amateur Member ansef
ID: 116703
Veteran Member BigDoji
ID: 86970
Hotshot Member Brittster
ID: 111185
Superstar Member Danielleboyer
ID: 110303
Amateur Member Duke-G
ID: 111596
Superstar Member FoucheChuck
ID: 111887
Amateur Member Jguy12343
ID: 119667
Amateur Member kkeith1961
ID: 113006
Hotshot Member Laura0627
ID: 91495
Amateur Member Mo-Mo
ID: 104450
Superstar Member Ronnie0709
ID: 94340
Amateur Member Ryan8835
ID: 112433
Amateur Member SaraSteen
ID: 112231
Amateur Member Sir kidd
ID: 9829
Amateur Member woodyearwood
ID: 117075
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.