Tournament Detail
Event: $500 The Box Points Championship
Location: The Box Sports Bar and Grill (Dallas)
Date: 06/08/21
Director: Krystal Betts
# Players: 31
Scheduled Start: 7:00 PM
Actual Start: 7:00 PM
Final Table Start: 10:23 PM
Tournament End: 11:30 PM

Tournament Results
PlacePlayer Nickname
1stAmateur Member Gabe
ID: 111967
2ndAmateur Member Stylist7
ID: 7595
3rdAmateur Member Racer X
ID: 7594
4thVeteran Member unourroll
ID: 85137
5thAmateur Member Hank the Tank
ID: 109448
6thAmateur Member thetvpage
ID: 64449
7thSuperstar Member HimOrRoids?
ID: 25954
8thVeteran Member Ticks and Leeches
ID: 25952
9thChampion Member Rexter
ID: 96500
10thVeteran Member Big Chief1981
ID: 79871
11thAmateur Member frankm
ID: 109554
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Additional Players
Player Nickname
Amateur Member acworthmike
ID: 107050
Fish Member Barbee Girl
ID: 109550
Amateur Member Black-cat
ID: 108580
Hotshot Member Bob Dan
ID: 44991
Champion Member buckgrunt1
ID: 109456
Veteran Member Calezzo de Wesso
ID: 30528
Amateur Member Dougefresh1968
ID: 109482
Veteran Member Fire Truckin Mama
ID: 44985
Hotshot Member GOHogs60
ID: 103242
Hotshot Member Jeff Evans
ID: 79772
Fish Member K-Matthews
ID: 54763
Hotshot Member Larrys Wife
ID: 109457
Legend Member Lil Red2
ID: 21970
Champion Member Loli11
ID: 103243
Veteran Member Lucky K
ID: 86249
Amateur Member MelissaEvans
ID: 81593
Pro Member Moto-Moto
ID: 84237
Amateur Member Paintball
ID: 108256
Pro Member pip1947
ID: 54750
Amateur Member SRkm123
ID: 108130
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.