Royal Flush Club
The Royal Flush Club has been implemented to recognize and reward League Members who manage to beat the seemingly insurmountable odds of 1 in 649,740 to secure poker's most coveted hand during tournament play - the Royal Flush.

How to claim your reward:

Step 1: Make a Royal Flush!
Step 2: Ask your Tournament Director to confirm and log your achievement
Step 3: Use the search tool below to verify that your Royal Flush was recorded
Step 4: Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Royal Flush Club
c/o Interstate Poker Club
554 W. Main Street Bldg 100A
Buford, GA 30518

Royal Flush Search
League ID Number:

Royal Flush Club Members (current year only)
DateLocationPlayer Nickame
03/24/15JB Billards & BarHotshot Member NYStar12
ID: 68502
03/21/15Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Dreamer27
ID: 70903
03/12/15Shenanigans Sports Bar and GrillAmateur Member Frady
ID: 1351
03/11/15Stars and Strikes #2Amateur Member Jeff Evans
ID: 79772
03/06/15Stars and Strikes #2Fish Member gtscobra
ID: 88124
03/04/15Castleberry Ale HouseFish Member Steffi
ID: 90066
03/03/15Stars and Strikes #5Veteran Member Wheels
ID: 6874
03/01/15Tannery Row Ale House*Hotshot Member Dewey
ID: 1832
02/27/15Tannery Row Ale House*Hotshot Member alltricks
ID: 85420
02/26/15Tannery Row Ale House*Master Member ShutupNplay
ID: 69045
02/21/15Tilted Kilt #5Hotshot Member Mr. BS
ID: 43109
02/15/15Front Row Seafood Sports BarAmateur Member Psmurf
ID: 24299
02/12/15ChaplinsLegend Member Beautiful Sunshine
ID: 69784
02/10/15Empire LoungeLegend Member big daddy 300
ID: 8123
02/05/15Tannery Row Ale House*Fish Member NATLUS123
ID: 90468
02/05/15Pepperoni's TavernMaster Member Messina
ID: 1915
02/02/15Tannery Row Ale House*Amateur Member Tennisball
ID: 69570
02/01/15Tannery Row Ale House*Hotshot Member alltricks
ID: 85420
02/01/15Tannery Row Ale House*Amateur Member BRI MaN 1
ID: 83733
01/29/15Tony's Sports Bar & Grill #1Amateur Member tabkop31
ID: 89031
01/26/15Tilted Kilt #5Amateur Member Black n Mild
ID: 39849
01/24/15Stars and Strikes #4Hotshot Member Apple fanboy
ID: 56316
01/23/15Stars and Strikes #1Pro Member J-J
ID: 80896
01/22/15Cafe 1711 Restaurant and BarFish Member Fuzzy Dux
ID: 77727
01/21/15Tony's Sports Bar & Grill #1Champion Member jen_suns_smith
ID: 51661
01/18/15Stars and Strikes #4Superstar Member p4panic
ID: 77825
01/16/15Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Mac The Knife
ID: 1892
01/11/15Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #1Veteran Member Tnation4Life
ID: 72006
01/10/15Stars and Strikes #1Superstar Member Fuller Racing
ID: 187
01/10/15Stars and Strikes #1Legend Member _PEANUT_
ID: 47377
01/09/15Stars and Strikes #1Shark Member Black Hawk
ID: 11580
01/07/15Tony's Sports Bar & Grill #1Pro Member BigD13
ID: 36804
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.