Royal Flush Club
The Royal Flush Club has been implemented to recognize and reward League Members who manage to beat the seemingly insurmountable odds of 1 in 649,740 to secure poker's most coveted hand during tournament play - the Royal Flush.

How to claim your reward:

Step 1: Make a Royal Flush!
Step 2: Ask your Tournament Director to confirm and log your achievement
Step 3: Use the search tool below to verify that your Royal Flush was recorded
Step 4: Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Royal Flush Club
c/o Interstate Poker Club
554 W. Main Street Bldg 100A
Buford, GA 30518

Royal Flush Search
League ID Number:

Royal Flush Club Members (current year only)
DateLocationPlayer Nickame
12/15/14Castleberry Ale HouseFish Member ???
ID: 88079
12/05/14Major League Bar & GrillVeteran Member Kawi
ID: 39591
12/02/14Coo Coo's NestSuperstar Member JessicaWabbit
ID: 72424
11/26/14Stars and Strikes #4Fish Member CachSki
ID: 65112
11/24/14Center Street TavernLegend Member Bluffalopoulos
ID: 20
11/16/14The Tavern Sports Bar & GrilleFish Member thullco
ID: 82921
11/16/14The Tavern Sports Bar & GrilleVeteran Member Cyndi
ID: 77907
11/13/14Pepperoni's TavernSuperstar Member Slader
ID: 75417
11/07/14G Street Sports BarAmateur Member Gulo
ID: 56678
11/07/14Pepperoni's TavernLegend Member 2KaRmA2
ID: 67779
11/06/14Pepperoni's TavernMaster Member WoodyJax2
ID: 11249
11/03/14Stars and Strikes #1Amateur Member PokerTime
ID: 40216
11/03/14Marietta Billiard ClubHotshot Member Kimmi D
ID: 81222
11/02/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member C1MOCARD
ID: 2033
10/24/14Cafe 1711 Restaurant and BarVeteran Member Muraads sweetie pie
ID: 75546
10/24/14Stars and Strikes #4Master Member Cowgirl
ID: 23974
10/22/14Castleberry Ale HouseFish Member Mary1
ID: 79938
10/16/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAce Member Neit
ID: 56040
10/11/14KryptoniteHotshot Member Eugeniology
ID: 80725
10/06/14Sidelines Grille #5Champion Member TheChaser19
ID: 78190
10/04/14Mardi Gras Sports CafeSuperstar Member onelove08840
ID: 56470
10/03/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Janie
ID: 78302
10/03/14Stars and Strikes #1Pro Member chasersface
ID: 33740
10/03/14Bodock'sAmateur Member Red Headed Stepchild
ID: 85930
10/03/14Stars and Strikes #1Amateur Member magicman
ID: 63409
10/03/14Stars and Strikes #1Veteran Member allen14
ID: 87248
09/30/14Hooligan'sVeteran Member blkwidowcrs
ID: 49951
09/29/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillLegend Member B POPS
ID: 18017
09/20/14Marietta Billiard ClubHotshot Member evry
ID: 12455
09/18/14Montana's Bar & GrillAmateur Member GUUS
ID: 87334
09/15/14Stars and Strikes #1Champion Member Fuller Racing
ID: 187
09/12/14Kevin's Grill & ChillFish Member Chazzy
ID: 86940
09/07/14Traxx Lounge & GrillVeteran Member -M-
ID: 82972
09/01/14Montana's Bar & GrillAmateur Member Zeke 1
ID: 49131
08/29/14Marietta Billiard ClubAmateur Member FastEddie
ID: 62743
08/27/14Tilted Kilt #5Amateur Member Black n Mild
ID: 39849
08/23/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #3Veteran Member FRANKY D.
ID: 7362
08/19/14Stars and Strikes #2Hotshot Member furious
ID: 86316
08/18/14Tannery Row Ale HouseLegend Member Mimi
ID: 1924
08/17/14Stars and Strikes #4Ace Member MAGNETO
ID: 47428
08/17/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member bunke
ID: 48885
08/11/14Nemoe's Tavern & GrillVeteran Member kappas3
ID: 55687
08/08/14Shenanigans Sports Bar and GrillAmateur Member Marz
ID: 40175
08/06/14Stars and Strikes #4Fish Member cgarjr
ID: 58343
07/13/14Stars and Strikes #4Shark Member Youve Been Celested
ID: 65213
07/13/14Stars and Strikes #4Champion Member WEEZE
ID: 63312
07/11/14American Tavern Restaurant & Ale HouseAmateur Member King With Heart
ID: 30711
07/08/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #1Fish Member roz1guy2
ID: 87535
07/01/14Three Dollar CafeMaster Member Liger
ID: 25977
06/25/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillFish Member JD36
ID: 84949
06/25/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAce Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
05/29/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #1Veteran Member Railman
ID: 12243
05/29/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAmateur Member Ms Sweetface
ID: 56634
05/29/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillLegend Member Poker Q.B.
ID: 39081
05/24/14American Tavern Restaurant & Ale HouseHotshot Member stinkina
ID: 61415
05/23/14Georgia Rib CompanyVeteran Member Tweetie Bird
ID: 67374
05/22/14Front Row Seafood Sports BarLegend Member Viking
ID: 32515
05/22/14Stars and Strikes #1Fish Member play2win79
ID: 85963
05/16/14El Don Bar and GrillVeteran Member Rocky772
ID: 86326
05/16/14Stars and Strikes #1Legend Member BBWOY
ID: 24117
05/11/14Georgia Rib CompanyFish Member Vamosarya
ID: 86066
05/08/14Pepperoni's TavernChampion Member Socrates1
ID: 81405
05/06/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAmateur Member djj
ID: 83459
04/18/14Major League Bar & GrillLegend Member G MOM
ID: 40097
04/18/14Pepperoni's TavernVeteran Member DC14
ID: 81776
04/08/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Poker_Brat
ID: 72745
04/05/14Stars and Strikes #4Hotshot Member Apple fanboy
ID: 56316
04/05/14Tony's Sports Bar & Grill #1Fish Member Big Kel
ID: 79114
04/05/14Front Row Seafood Sports BarLegend Member G MOM
ID: 40097
04/03/14Big Shots BilliardsAmateur Member LAURA SIMPSON
ID: 78373
03/27/14Stars and Strikes #1Master Member Petrikas
ID: 8060
03/26/14Nemoe's Tavern & GrillVeteran Member Ace 07
ID: 8757
03/26/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #3Fish Member julescutie
ID: 84137
03/24/14Pepperoni's TavernSuperstar Member Charlie Hustle
ID: 61732
03/22/14Marlow's Tavern #1Legend Member Marbles
ID: 38621
03/21/14Georgia Rib CompanyVeteran Member Pokerisfun
ID: 49791
03/16/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillFish Member wavi
ID: 84491
03/15/14Front Row Seafood Sports BarAce Member Mrs. RockNevada
ID: 33668
03/15/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member PokerGB
ID: 70942
03/11/14120 Tavern & Music HallMaster Member Det2Atl
ID: 62734
03/09/14Pepperoni's TavernHotshot Member RichieRicher
ID: 78471
03/06/14Cloud Springs DeliVeteran Member Cupikake
ID: 65204
03/06/14Shenanigans Sports Bar and GrillChampion Member chrissoutherland
ID: 55359
03/04/14Stars and Strikes #2Legend Member luckylady
ID: 38288
03/02/14Traxx Lounge & GrillSuperstar Member tmf300
ID: 68284
03/01/14KryptoniteAmateur Member Stylez
ID: 82819
02/22/14Oasis Bowling Center #1Amateur Member Lady in Black
ID: 34874
02/20/14Buttons LoungeSuperstar Member H
ID: 1025
02/19/14Stars and Strikes #2Champion Member HimOrRoids?
ID: 25954
02/18/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #1Veteran Member Will-I-Am
ID: 23642
02/17/14Sidelines Grille #5Fish Member t_ergin2001
ID: 57057
02/16/14Pepperoni's TavernVeteran Member AllinDueces
ID: 11201
02/14/14Georgia Rib CompanyChampion Member wolverdawg
ID: 21813
02/14/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Mac The Knife
ID: 1892
02/13/14Shenanigans Sports Bar and GrillAmateur Member #1 SHORTY
ID: 28187
02/13/14Tony's Sandy SpringsAmateur Member Hot Cheryl
ID: 21901
02/13/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAmateur Member Big Money Mike
ID: 83546
02/11/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillMaster Member tris
ID: 51303
02/04/14Stars and Strikes #4Veteran Member Bronco Billy
ID: 61190
01/31/14Stars and Strikes #4Amateur Member Captn Kirk
ID: 61198
01/27/14Center Street TavernFish Member joystickjunkies
ID: 85467
01/25/14Mazzy's Sports Bar & Grill #3Hotshot Member roisbpla
ID: 24060
01/23/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillFish Member lsanders82
ID: 84899
01/23/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillMaster Member Chevy Man Ben
ID: 1712
01/19/14Magoo's IIVeteran Member lordvader
ID: 65163
01/18/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillMaster Member Chevy Man Ben
ID: 1712
01/17/14Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar #2Legend Member QueenB
ID: 1393
01/17/14Oasis Bowling Center #1Pro Member ironhead
ID: 47214
01/16/14Pepperoni's TavernChampion Member haninja
ID: 66798
01/15/14Castleberry Ale HouseVeteran Member Silver Shark
ID: 72449
01/15/14Stars and Strikes #1Legend Member Mo Money-
ID: 62150
01/09/14Buttons LoungeAmateur Member Salar
ID: 80248
01/08/14Thirsty's Bar & GrillAmateur Member blackrose
ID: 83501
01/08/14Stars and Strikes #1Fish Member F_Your_All_In
ID: 55024
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.