$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #20)

Interstate Poker Club VIP Invitationals are exclusive monthly events open to Club Members with an eligible VIP Membership.

How to Qualify
Have a valid Interstate Poker Club VIP Membership that is eligible for entry into Event #20 or later. You can learn more about our VIP Program and how to obtain a VIP Membership on this page.

Qualifying Period

Tournament Date
Sunday, March 25

Start Time*

Tannery Row Ale House (Buford)

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
20m | 20m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons
Places Paid

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown. Late arrivals will be seated through the end of the third blind level.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 09/19/2018)
The list of qualified players below is subject to change. If you're not on the list and feel that you should be, please contact us for assistance.
#Player Nickame
1Fish Member _DOMO_
ID: 48256
2Veteran Member _Frankie_
ID: 67708
3Legend Member _PEANUT_
ID: 47377
4Legend Member -Hemogloban-
ID: 87988
5Hotshot Member -John-
ID: 60942
6Master Member -M-
ID: 82972
7Amateur Member 133Meade
ID: 98710
8Legend Member 2Much
ID: 21149
9Legend Member 2praces
ID: 46339
10Champion Member 2smuth
ID: 68593
11Amateur Member a205man
ID: 37335
12Amateur Member Abernathy
ID: 102291
13Hotshot Member AceBoogie
ID: 94636
14Amateur Member AceKingley
ID: 69807
15Fish Member AceMan
ID: 67388
16Legend Member After Thought
ID: 58303
17Amateur Member alex30093
ID: 100521
18Amateur Member AlexMac
ID: 99480
19Fish Member Alien Taco Bar
ID: 96149
20Amateur Member All Me
ID: 6660
21Amateur Member All-In Chris
ID: 70870
22Champion Member alltricks
ID: 85420
23Fish Member Alton
ID: 104369
24Legend Member Alvi
ID: 21443
25Champion Member Anger-management
ID: 95084
26Amateur Member Anj1584
ID: 91453
27Superstar Member AnyTwo
ID: 82606
28Hotshot Member Arkadia
ID: 17495
29Legend Member atldivaonadime
ID: 63472
30Amateur Member Azie
ID: 102338
31Legend Member B POPS
ID: 18017
32Amateur Member BamaBob
ID: 101968
33Veteran Member Bance
ID: 38208
34Superstar Member barberfred
ID: 47963
35Legend Member BBWOY
ID: 24117
36Fish Member Bdukeman1234
ID: 102265
37Amateur Member beadczar
ID: 78260
38Champion Member Beat Navy 89
ID: 72539
39Legend Member Beautiful Sunshine
ID: 69784
40Legend Member Big Daddy Warbucks
ID: 29502
41Superstar Member Big Dog Slick
ID: 46343
42Champion Member Big Dutch
ID: 37058
43Veteran Member Big Garry
ID: 102278
44Amateur Member Big Hop
ID: 52980
45Fish Member Big Pappa
ID: 42348
46Champion Member Big_Booty
ID: 61576
47Legend Member bigdaddyluk
ID: 69527
48Fish Member BigHunter
ID: 102643
49Fish Member BigNancy
ID: 102562
50Veteran Member Bigredd
ID: 90930
51Amateur Member BigRon007
ID: 46400
52Hotshot Member Bill317
ID: 96319
53Veteran Member BillC
ID: 65294
54Veteran Member billiewillie2
ID: 85265
55Shark Member Biscuit1
ID: 47214
56Veteran Member Black Cigar
ID: 34873
57Shark Member Black Knight 32
ID: 11697
58Hotshot Member Black n Mild
ID: 39849
59Amateur Member Blue50470
ID: 95085
60Veteran Member Boca Bill
ID: 75344
61Amateur Member BrandNew
ID: 96083
62Veteran Member BrownSugar
ID: 28936
63Fish Member btgmbr1
ID: 101267
64Fish Member Bugzngunz
ID: 96139
65Fish Member Buller
ID: 96052
66Veteran Member Buster101
ID: 95431
67Legend Member Butter
ID: 39053
68Hotshot Member C boogie
ID: 96649
69Veteran Member CAPPY
ID: 51588
70Amateur Member captbdpjr
ID: 101896
71Master Member Cash 174
ID: 50652
72Ace Member Cash5
ID: 46917
73Veteran Member Casteel
ID: 17820
74Legend Member Cat2DaFi$h
ID: 32203
75Fish Member Caveman9
ID: 100080
76Amateur Member Cbryson0514
ID: 94916
77Hotshot Member Charmin
ID: 79677
78Amateur Member Charmjae69
ID: 95024
79Amateur Member Cheeky
ID: 104071
80Hotshot Member Chevy Man
ID: 46379
81Amateur Member chim2
ID: 1742
82Hotshot Member Chiquita
ID: 96071
83Amateur Member Chitown2334
ID: 97884
84Veteran Member CHOI-2000
ID: 91049
85Legend Member chriskross
ID: 50149
86Veteran Member Ciro
ID: 96946
87Pro Member Cisco Kid
ID: 1460
88Legend Member CJgramps
ID: 25142
89Amateur Member Clay48228
ID: 69524
90Fish Member Clemsonboy
ID: 57693
91Amateur Member Clint86Nalley
ID: 95733
92Fish Member Cloud9light
ID: 100709
93Amateur Member clt3jph
ID: 91225
94Veteran Member CMAC831
ID: 96592
95Veteran Member cnfilm22
ID: 98787
96Ace Member COCKROACH
ID: 43101
97Veteran Member Code-red
ID: 83505
98Amateur Member Coinflip
ID: 71
99Legend Member ConfusedFace
ID: 41323
100Fish Member ConorC
ID: 102955
101Fish Member conroe
ID: 101040
102Amateur Member Coonass
ID: 58863
103Shark Member Coop
ID: 80
104Champion Member Cornelia
ID: 56235
105Superstar Member Cowboy 1030
ID: 18630
106Fish Member Crankyyankee
ID: 103970
107Amateur Member Cronus
ID: 876
108Amateur Member CummingGator
ID: 99402
109Veteran Member Cynthia88
ID: 78897
110Hotshot Member D Bo
ID: 80423
111Ace Member D.C.14
ID: 47808
112Fish Member Daddy Goose
ID: 96242
113Fish Member daivd02_mattie
ID: 96575
114Legend Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
115Amateur Member darktreader
ID: 57889
116Fish Member daroan
ID: 95511
117Amateur Member daultimate
ID: 91206
118Amateur Member David Cash
ID: 26581
119Fish Member DawnC
ID: 102273
120Legend Member Dedee
ID: 33917
121Amateur Member Deebee12
ID: 100527
122Veteran Member dernst23
ID: 96516
123Veteran Member Derrick_Ramage
ID: 100551
124Hotshot Member DeuxsDaddy
ID: 46981
125Amateur Member Deviant
ID: 23657
126Amateur Member Diala
ID: 101895
127Amateur Member Diamonds
ID: 12634
128Fish Member Diogenesthedog
ID: 101833
129Fish Member DJATL1
ID: 100149
130Amateur Member dmlundie
ID: 55110
131Veteran Member DocM
ID: 98705
132Amateur Member Donnieb
ID: 91752
133Amateur Member DrClaw21
ID: 103355
134Amateur Member Dreamstar
ID: 100225
135Hotshot Member DRKAZ
ID: 99653
136Veteran Member Dsuit
ID: 101584
137Legend Member Duce-Tre
ID: 29095
138Legend Member Duke92
ID: 9225
139Amateur Member Dvan
ID: 38639
140Ace Member Dymonds
ID: 75517
141Veteran Member Ed1025
ID: 85531
142Champion Member edbulldawg
ID: 96068
143Fish Member Efrain1133
ID: 95343
144Superstar Member ENSAYNE
ID: 30132
145Fish Member Ernesto
ID: 95690
146Hotshot Member evieliz100
ID: 86839
147Amateur Member EvilRazor
ID: 54414
148Amateur Member Farhan
ID: 91462
149Superstar Member Fee
ID: 56877
150Amateur Member FEL
ID: 31442
151Amateur Member Finn89
ID: 100570
152Hotshot Member firefighter1173
ID: 94838
153Master Member Firewood Splitter
ID: 71707
154Superstar Member First_Chef
ID: 92743
155Veteran Member Fiyababy
ID: 91340
156Amateur Member Flippy Floppy
ID: 95732
157Legend Member floormgr
ID: 18046
158Amateur Member Fluxx
ID: 92668
159Amateur Member fotodawg
ID: 98712
160Fish Member Francesca
ID: 57446
161Superstar Member Frank White101
ID: 69383
162Fish Member Frenchie2018
ID: 102386
163Amateur Member fruity
ID: 97020
164Pro Member Fudge
ID: 65172
165Legend Member Fuller Racing
ID: 187
166Legend Member G MOM
ID: 40097
167Amateur Member G- Ma
ID: 96618
168Shark Member Gary25
ID: 74645
169Veteran Member Gator_Country
ID: 74961
170Amateur Member gatorfan31
ID: 95340
171Legend Member Georgia Peach
ID: 51925
172Amateur Member GeorgiaBoy Sr
ID: 94529
173Amateur Member georgiaman1926
ID: 96143
174Amateur Member Georgie
ID: 99398
175Amateur Member Gibbs
ID: 24886
176Legend Member girl dawg
ID: 47215
177Amateur Member GNote
ID: 105600
178Fish Member goldengirl
ID: 43921
179Amateur Member Goodoleboy77
ID: 95432
180Hotshot Member Grayeagle3
ID: 54045
181Amateur Member Gregorio
ID: 103897
182Amateur Member gundog
ID: 95371
183Legend Member GunnyP
ID: 80123
184Legend Member GVI
ID: 77136
185Pro Member H
ID: 1025
186Superstar Member Halloween
ID: 32955
187Legend Member haninja
ID: 66798
188Hotshot Member Hass
ID: 97550
189Legend Member Hello Buddy
ID: 42683
190Amateur Member Hermes
ID: 100117
191Champion Member hieu08
ID: 96903
192Veteran Member HighFlush
ID: 17813
193Champion Member HNIC
ID: 42068
194Champion Member Hogman
ID: 13855
195Superstar Member Hold His Own
ID: 4937
196Hotshot Member Ice Cold
ID: 8963
197Pro Member IceDaddy
ID: 49453
198Fish Member Insure Guy
ID: 14580
199Legend Member iolight
ID: 48361
200Champion Member Irishlass
ID: 97021
201Amateur Member Irn
ID: 102457
202Hotshot Member isaiah40 31
ID: 89583
203Fish Member Isamine
ID: 100233
204Legend Member J-MAC
ID: 60399
205Hotshot Member J'mean
ID: 3975
206Amateur Member j2gillis
ID: 91343
207Amateur Member JABizz
ID: 100576
208Veteran Member Jack Spade
ID: 81055
209Fish Member JACKATTACK
ID: 101048
210Amateur Member JackN9Ne
ID: 99906
211Amateur Member Jakethesnake
ID: 100009
212Pro Member Jamie hunts
ID: 96181
213Amateur Member jay j
ID: 94705
214Amateur Member Jay Money
ID: 101034
215Shark Member Jay Smooth
ID: 52901
216Veteran Member Jay55
ID: 88789
217Amateur Member jazyd428
ID: 102514
218Legend Member jDale
ID: 65045
219Amateur Member JDeizel
ID: 95413
220Champion Member Jerseyboi
ID: 12290
221Fish Member jessunc2011
ID: 104433
222Fish Member JF123
ID: 23690
223Fish Member JJ Liu
ID: 102333
224Amateur Member Jld
ID: 101945
225Legend Member Jlove
ID: 87786
226Amateur Member JMancuso
ID: 99604
227Fish Member Jmastercheese
ID: 91317
228Legend Member Joanna
ID: 65044
229Fish Member JODY
ID: 8337
230Legend Member Joe Cool
ID: 1834
231Amateur Member JOE54
ID: 104031
232Amateur Member John Michael
ID: 8323
233Superstar Member John Odell
ID: 2992
234Champion Member JohnnyP
ID: 19995
235Fish Member josephbroseph
ID: 101936
236Amateur Member jph
ID: 96932
237Veteran Member JSVIRGO
ID: 92735
238Ace Member judyjudyjudy
ID: 1520
239Fish Member Justice85
ID: 96121
240Veteran Member jvauto
ID: 96371
241Champion Member JW_GOOD
ID: 67129
242Legend Member Kamy's Grammy
ID: 5465
243Veteran Member KardKing
ID: 87429
244Amateur Member Keish
ID: 91568
245Hotshot Member Kevy Kev
ID: 56386
246Superstar Member Kid_Poker
ID: 1150
247Hotshot Member Killer Bunny
ID: 29685
248Amateur Member KillinmeCalls
ID: 85534
249Amateur Member KiLo
ID: 57072
250Hotshot Member King Alpha
ID: 99580
251Amateur Member King Karl
ID: 99591
252Amateur Member KINGFISH
ID: 21168
253Fish Member kit kat
ID: 43495
254Amateur Member Klassy Karen
ID: 4210
255Pro Member Kobra1911
ID: 94189
256Fish Member KonviK36s
ID: 95620
257Shark Member Kracker
ID: 7318
258Amateur Member Kream King
ID: 92740
259Fish Member Kurt
ID: 103133
260Amateur Member Lad
ID: 100539
261Amateur Member Lady in Black
ID: 34874
262Amateur Member Lady Luck
ID: 70
263Superstar Member Ladyj
ID: 94489
264Champion Member LDF
ID: 1055
265Ace Member Len H
ID: 88654
266Ace Member Lil Bull
ID: 70765
267Champion Member Lil L
ID: 74651
268Hotshot Member LilAngel
ID: 96028
269Master Member Lillpowell
ID: 79125
270Champion Member linden
ID: 86893
271Superstar Member LinMen
ID: 86673
272Amateur Member Littlefoot
ID: 68866
273Amateur Member lomack
ID: 86466
274Legend Member LooseGoose
ID: 69529
275Amateur Member Lopaka47
ID: 91471
276Amateur Member loric40
ID: 28380
277Fish Member lottosay
ID: 100069
278Master Member Louis23
ID: 94706
279Hotshot Member LtDavis21
ID: 78608
280Amateur Member Luck of the Irish
ID: 30688
281Amateur Member Lucky J1
ID: 95221
282Amateur Member Mad MaXXX
ID: 31998
283Amateur Member maddman
ID: 98761
284Superstar Member Magiccity12
ID: 32782
285Ace Member majorsg1fan
ID: 73403
286Legend Member Marbles
ID: 38621
287Fish Member MarkB
ID: 95189
288Amateur Member martinjr
ID: 103154
289Amateur Member MattM
ID: 44355
290Amateur Member Mayor5150
ID: 101593
291Veteran Member McConan
ID: 33144
292Legend Member MEW
ID: 26164
293Veteran Member Mgall17
ID: 85851
294Pro Member MicheleG
ID: 29568
295Ace Member mikebgood
ID: 48831
296Amateur Member MJP
ID: 100528
297Legend Member MoniLuv
ID: 47844
298Hotshot Member monkeyface
ID: 93470
299Amateur Member Mr Bosk
ID: 81020
300Superstar Member Mr. ATL
ID: 31591
301Legend Member Mr.B
ID: 49795
302Fish Member mrfasttrack
ID: 103151
303Legend Member Mrs. RockNevada
ID: 33668
304Amateur Member Ms Terminator
ID: 17835
305Master Member MsB
ID: 73204
306Champion Member MSU_Dog
ID: 85469
307Legend Member mworthy007
ID: 42307
308Amateur Member Natalia
ID: 60280
309Fish Member NepaliPoker
ID: 96374
310Champion Member Nephew88
ID: 95776
311Hotshot Member never_personal
ID: 51437
312Legend Member Nicesty
ID: 33869
313Legend Member Niko09
ID: 36107
314Pro Member Nirav
ID: 93086
315Hotshot Member nit
ID: 40542
316Pro Member NMYPRIME
ID: 31580
317Legend Member Numbers Dont Lie
ID: 42024
318Fish Member NY Hollywood
ID: 102677
319Superstar Member Old Dude
ID: 39510
320Amateur Member Onestowatch
ID: 74476
321Superstar Member Orangeman
ID: 1191
322Fish Member Perusfinest
ID: 29458
323Champion Member PeterS
ID: 42394
324Champion Member phatnate
ID: 62925
325Hotshot Member PKW
ID: 3384
326Master Member Poker Mama
ID: 1174
327Legend Member Poker Sean
ID: 23487
328Shark Member Poker Whiz
ID: 1762
329Hotshot Member poker_joe
ID: 85562
330Veteran Member pokeralpha
ID: 8437
331Veteran Member Pokeric
ID: 100217
332Hotshot Member Pokerisfun
ID: 49791
333Veteran Member Pops
ID: 152
334Shark Member ppasarge
ID: 21138
335Fish Member Pradeep
ID: 105564
336Amateur Member precious12
ID: 58056
337Hotshot Member premz
ID: 97604
338Amateur Member Prestonlee
ID: 96220
339Amateur Member pucoff
ID: 89239
340Amateur Member Pusha T
ID: 80387
341Amateur Member QUANTOCK21
ID: 100482
342Amateur Member Queen of Hearts 3854
ID: 92812
343Legend Member QueenB
ID: 1393
344Champion Member R1V3R5
ID: 293
345Legend Member Ralphjgallagher
ID: 72245
346Amateur Member Rayado
ID: 99486
347Legend Member rbuice
ID: 47379
348Amateur Member Rdcott
ID: 102438
349Hotshot Member Record Man
ID: 90847
350Hotshot Member Red Phoenix
ID: 44728
351Amateur Member RedrumMC
ID: 96145
352Veteran Member Redskins
ID: 91160
353Amateur Member Redthedonkey
ID: 92480
354Legend Member Regdrow
ID: 56750
355Amateur Member Reneej323
ID: 97956
356Amateur Member Rexter
ID: 96500
357Fish Member rhod6321
ID: 98806
358Master Member RichieRicher
ID: 78471
359Fish Member Rickyfonsi
ID: 103974
360Champion Member River Killer
ID: 13
361Hotshot Member rjoering8
ID: 72021
362Amateur Member Robert9204
ID: 100483
363Master Member Rock JR
ID: 6893
364Amateur Member Rock42
ID: 97466
365Veteran Member rocket3575
ID: 95372
366Legend Member RockPainter
ID: 24250
367Fish Member Rodnasty
ID: 95181
368Amateur Member Roscobluff
ID: 102294
369Fish Member Rusty Nail
ID: 55974
370Veteran Member RyanTheMayan
ID: 96633
371Hotshot Member Saints Poker Girl
ID: 1463
372Amateur Member Sam33
ID: 101631
373Hotshot Member samash
ID: 90712
374Amateur Member Scoobybos
ID: 100092
375Amateur Member Scottie_Fresh
ID: 96093
376Fish Member scottymac
ID: 100615
377Amateur Member SCUBA75
ID: 14670
378Fish Member scubasteve1234
ID: 105601
379Champion Member Shadow77
ID: 65995
380Fish Member Shae Bulla
ID: 101927
381Veteran Member Shannonigans
ID: 112
382Amateur Member Shell7892
ID: 100006
383Amateur Member Shorty57
ID: 102053
384Amateur Member SideJob SLim
ID: 100210
385Champion Member Silver Shark
ID: 72449
386Veteran Member Sina
ID: 91330
387Shark Member Six's
ID: 1391
388Amateur Member sjh5023
ID: 14111
389Amateur Member Skyragious
ID: 95207
390Legend Member Slow-Rollin
ID: 80464
391Fish Member Slowmotion
ID: 91465
392Hotshot Member SlowPlayer
ID: 4169
393Shark Member slypig
ID: 55825
394Amateur Member smilegal
ID: 37022
395Master Member Smitty1914
ID: 66738
396Veteran Member Snowman 415
ID: 93108
397Amateur Member snyderr62613
ID: 95331
398Legend Member Solsheli
ID: 33606
399Legend Member Spade Girl
ID: 29441
400Veteran Member SPEARS
ID: 96380
401Fish Member speedobandito
ID: 91597
402Champion Member spirit101
ID: 47687
403Superstar Member spot831
ID: 85831
404Fish Member Squiggy66
ID: 95959
405Amateur Member Stephanie616
ID: 95178
406Champion Member stinkina
ID: 61415
407Superstar Member Storm
ID: 68992
408Hotshot Member Suga Britches
ID: 91053
409Fish Member SummDawg37
ID: 104363
410Amateur Member SummerRae
ID: 46673
411Veteran Member SwampRat
ID: 77391
412Fish Member Swish
ID: 93015
413Hotshot Member T-boneDD214
ID: 96986
414Hotshot Member t.j.m
ID: 15019
415Fish Member TannerVT23
ID: 104301
416Master Member TDDUSMC
ID: 72086
417Amateur Member Teabag
ID: 101969
418Fish Member Teasley12
ID: 91862
419Legend Member Tee Man
ID: 56006
420Hotshot Member Teg
ID: 79213
421Veteran Member Teutac586
ID: 100503
422Veteran Member Tex7
ID: 97947
423Hotshot Member The Cleaner
ID: 1464
424Legend Member The Great One
ID: 1692
425Veteran Member The Jeff
ID: 95737
426Amateur Member TIGER1972
ID: 101669
427Veteran Member Timmy1981
ID: 102329
428Amateur Member Tlove911
ID: 101553
429Superstar Member Tod
ID: 73075
430Amateur Member toosmooth1
ID: 92721
431Veteran Member Torn4juicy
ID: 67121
432Fish Member Traveling_withShan
ID: 12
433Veteran Member Trent37
ID: 71468
434Amateur Member Tribal_Tiger
ID: 91466
435Fish Member TrinityFitz
ID: 103011
436Fish Member trump
ID: 91515
437Amateur Member twelvevolt
ID: 92520
438Veteran Member Twmooney
ID: 91605
439Hotshot Member Twotone
ID: 78238
440Fish Member Tye Tedeschi
ID: 104358
441Legend Member Unique
ID: 36641
442Amateur Member Vetteman96
ID: 102315
443Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
444Amateur Member vineyard
ID: 94929
445Shark Member Virgo8194
ID: 38063
446Amateur Member Wally57
ID: 101977
447Fish Member wesley C
ID: 101263
448Legend Member WHITEKNIGHT
ID: 8132
449Amateur Member wilson_
ID: 53351
450Amateur Member wingedfoot
ID: 104075
451Amateur Member WinstonA
ID: 95427
452Champion Member Woo51
ID: 54714
453Legend Member WoodyJax2
ID: 11249
454Legend Member Xcell
ID: 46084
455Pro Member Yourmomsboyfriend
ID: 73602
456Fish Member Zamora84
ID: 95403
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.