$13,000 Interstate Poker Club Main Event

The Interstate Poker Club Main Event is an exclusive annual tournament which awards $13,000 in prizes including a seat at the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas.

How to Qualify
Win any $500 Special Event OR finish in the top 10 at any $4,000 VIP Invitational OR finish in the top 10 at either Last-Chance Wildcard.

Qualifying Period
07/09/2017 to 00/00/0000

Tournament Date
Sunday, June 24

Start Time*

Tannery Row Ale House (Buford)

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
30m | 20m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons
Places Paid

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown. Late arrivals will be seated through the end of the third blind level.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 08/16/2018)
The list of qualified players below is subject to change. Any discrepancies must be reported and resolved by .
#Player NickameWhere They Qualified
1Legend Member WHITEKNIGHT
ID: 8132
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
2Legend Member Poker Sean
ID: 23487
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
3Amateur Member Mad MaXXX
ID: 31998
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
4Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
5Legend Member girl dawg
ID: 47215
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
6Champion Member Fee
ID: 56877
$500 Fahrenheit Points Championship
7Champion Member alltricks
ID: 85420
$500 Pepperoni's Points Championship
8Amateur Member Farhan
ID: 91462
$500 Electric Cowboy Points Championship
9Superstar Member First_Chef
ID: 92743
$500 Summer Dealer Tournament
10Amateur Member Cbryson0514
ID: 94916
$500 Rosatis Points Championship
11Fish Member Squiggy66
ID: 95959
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
12Amateur Member Robert9204
ID: 100483
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
13Amateur Member DrClaw21
ID: 103355
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
14Fish Member Cheeky
ID: 104071
$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event #24)
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