$3,000 VIP Invitational (Event 91, Day 1B)

Interstate Poker Club VIP Invitationals are exclusive monthly 2-day events open to Club Members with an eligible VIP Membership. These events have been broken into multiple days to accommodate more players. Eligible members may play on Day 1A, Day 1B, or both.

Days 1A and 1B will play down to the end of Level 8 and then play will stop and chip counts will be recorded. Remaining players will resume play on Day 2 starting at Level 9 and play down to a winner.

How to Qualify
Have a valid Interstate Poker Club VIP Membership that is eligible for entry into Event #91 or later. You can learn more about our VIP Program and how to obtain a VIP Membership on this page.

Qualifying Period

Tournament Date
Sunday, August 25

Start Time*

Whiskey BB Que (Riverdale)

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
20m | 20m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown.
Late arrivals accepted up to one hour after tournament start time or after 3 levels of play - whichever is later.
Winners must present valid photo ID as well as Club ID to claim any prize.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 07/22/2024)
The list of qualified players below is subject to change. If you're not on the list and feel that you should be, please contact us for assistance.
#Player Nickame
1Veteran Member _Jaye
ID: 111436
2Legend Member 2Much
ID: 21149
3Fish Member 72Offsuit
ID: 119546
4Amateur Member Abates
ID: 112990
5Champion Member AceKingley
ID: 69807
6Amateur Member Aces184
ID: 8852
7Veteran Member acworthmike
ID: 107050
8Shark Member All-Reds
ID: 104448
9Pro Member Allinblind
ID: 91787
10Fish Member Andrewtoddsales
ID: 119609
11Hotshot Member Arkadia
ID: 17495
12Legend Member bigdaddyluk
ID: 69527
13Veteran Member Bimmer56
ID: 109566
14Hotshot Member Boca Bill
ID: 75344
15Veteran Member BrothaRobert
ID: 112735
16Hotshot Member BryanK
ID: 112619
17Amateur Member BTippy
ID: 54522
18Legend Member buckgrunt1
ID: 109456
19Fish Member Carmen Baby
ID: 112467
20Veteran Member Chelld
ID: 112675
21Amateur Member Chicano
ID: 119527
22Master Member Clay48228
ID: 69524
23Amateur Member Crazytrain
ID: 111760
24Veteran Member ctotheb
ID: 114245
25Amateur Member CummingGator
ID: 99402
26Legend Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
27Master Member davhollow
ID: 102070
28Hotshot Member Defazio
ID: 112379
29Amateur Member Diabeticjock
ID: 11991
30Amateur Member Docdawgjg
ID: 116528
31Veteran Member Douglas
ID: 109444
32Champion Member Drewsterman
ID: 93064
33Veteran Member E7145i
ID: 107632
34Pro Member ENSAYNE
ID: 30132
ID: 62004
36Amateur Member FASTEDV
ID: 30496
37Legend Member Fee
ID: 56877
38Amateur Member Fighterjet
ID: 112454
39Hotshot Member Florida
ID: 113196
40Amateur Member frankm
ID: 109554
41Amateur Member G- Ma
ID: 96618
42Legend Member GOHogs60
ID: 103242
43Hotshot Member Goodysc1
ID: 109614
44Pro Member grenadier6
ID: 103670
45Amateur Member Gunner2020
ID: 113218
46Amateur Member Harden
ID: 101094
47Amateur Member J2theB
ID: 111990
48Amateur Member Jack King Off
ID: 81314
49Hotshot Member Jdog678
ID: 113829
50Pro Member JDSBaby
ID: 93404
51Amateur Member Jeffrey Morrison
ID: 112825
52Amateur Member Jguy12343
ID: 119667
53Fish Member Jlopy1992
ID: 100818
54Veteran Member JohnnyMck
ID: 112397
55Amateur Member Jonhyperez
ID: 112652
56Master Member JSVIRGO
ID: 92735
57Veteran Member Juju Caesar
ID: 113000
58Veteran Member justintholcombe
ID: 112677
59Hotshot Member King Karl
ID: 99591
60Veteran Member kixb
ID: 113910
61Amateur Member kkeith1961
ID: 113006
62Veteran Member Koro
ID: 112829
63Ace Member Larrys Wife
ID: 109457
64Shark Member linden
ID: 86893
65Shark Member Lloydw
ID: 108488
66Fish Member Lmsunshine
ID: 110300
67Amateur Member Lolcheckmate
ID: 119566
68Legend Member LooseGoose
ID: 69529
69Champion Member Lopaka47
ID: 91471
70Amateur Member Mack B
ID: 63020
71Pro Member mackallen
ID: 101107
72Amateur Member Marando83
ID: 96875
73Fish Member MarketMonster
ID: 119689
74Amateur Member Matt Chapman
ID: 95740
75Amateur Member Maxx Effort
ID: 117510
76Champion Member Mayor5150
ID: 101593
77Legend Member Moneygrip678
ID: 65474
78Amateur Member Moosejl
ID: 119555
79Veteran Member Naomie
ID: 112380
80Champion Member Natg34946
ID: 113373
81Hotshot Member Nina46
ID: 116974
82Amateur Member Papasox
ID: 117512
83Master Member Patricia 777
ID: 40156
84Amateur Member Pawnman
ID: 117176
85Legend Member pip1947
ID: 54750
86Shark Member Pokerfiend
ID: 6570
87Superstar Member Pokerisfun
ID: 49791
88Amateur Member Poor Man
ID: 117479
89Champion Member PSU guy
ID: 111721
90Hotshot Member Psylox
ID: 25920
91Veteran Member QuantumBlue
ID: 111811
92Amateur Member Rachael_deon
ID: 112271
93Legend Member Ralphjgallagher
ID: 72245
94Legend Member Ratharris
ID: 15144
95Fish Member Reco
ID: 89372
96Veteran Member Red Headed Stepchild
ID: 85930
97Amateur Member Rhodes
ID: 117404
98Champion Member River Killer
ID: 13
99Superstar Member RiverRat77
ID: 44961
100Hotshot Member Robgriffith
ID: 108567
101Legend Member RockPainter
ID: 24250
102Champion Member Rocky772
ID: 86326
103Veteran Member RP Buster
ID: 97570
104Amateur Member Rtusing
ID: 111995
105Amateur Member SaraSteen
ID: 112231
106Veteran Member Sassy pants
ID: 114938
107Amateur Member Schnacke
ID: 743
108Hotshot Member Shownolove
ID: 112828
109Fish Member Silver
ID: 112306
110Pro Member Spunky
ID: 86892
111Veteran Member Sree
ID: 107264
112Amateur Member Srinivas
ID: 117449
113Fish Member Stringbean
ID: 113019
114Master Member SummerRae
ID: 46673
115Hotshot Member Susan_the_Bluffer
ID: 114429
116Ace Member sweet pea 1992
ID: 103247
117Amateur Member SweetJuniper
ID: 117546
118Hotshot Member t.j.m
ID: 15019
119Hotshot Member tay-tay
ID: 41056
120Champion Member terry80
ID: 100849
121Veteran Member Treeve
ID: 109631
122Legend Member Twotone
ID: 78238
123Fish Member tylertracy321
ID: 119995
124Amateur Member WALLACE
ID: 78858
125Fish Member Zachcox27
ID: 112458
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.