Official Documentation

Tournament Bonus Chips
Eligible players may redeem one (1) Tournament Bonus from each category below. For example, an eligible player could redeem an Early Bird Bonus and a Merchandise Bonus but not two Merchandise Bonuses. The values shown are not increased for VIP Members.
TypeValueHow to Redeem
Early Bird 1000 Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled tournament start time.
Digital ID 1000 Present your Digital ID Card when registering for the tournament.
Birthday 1000 Play on your birthday and receive 1000 additional starting chips! Must present valid photo ID showing date of birth.
Merchandise 1000 Have any piece of official club apparel or merchandise. (Hat, Shirt, IPC Card Guards, Club pins, etc.)
Helper* 1000 Assist the Tournament Director with equipment set-up or breakdown. (carrying tables, setting decks, etc.)
Dealer* 2000/4000 Serve as a volunteer dealer. Pays 2000 to those who start dealing before break and 4000 to those who start or continue dealing after break.

NOTE: Certified Dealers receive 3000 before break and 6000 after break)

*Available on a first-come, first-rewarded basis. See Tournament Director for more information.

Tournament Add-ons
All tournaments listed on our website feature a color-coded icon that designates which add-on structure will be used during the tournament.

The icon designations are as follows:

or = Standard or Turbo w/ Maximum Add-ons (unrestricted spend)

or = Standard or Turbo w/ Moderate Add-ons ($50 max spend)

or = Standard or Turbo w/ Few Add-ons ($30 max spend)

Please note that tournaments designated as red-tier events are unrestricted and the number and value of add-ons will vary. Yellow- and Green-tier tournaments will adhere strictly to our pre-defined Add-on Distribution Schedule (below).

Add-on Distribution Schedule
All players begin with 2500 in tournament chips (not doubled for VIP) but extra chips may be redeemed in the form of optional add-ons. All add-on amounts shown below are doubled for verified VIP Members.
ColorAdd-On Details
or 500 chips for every $1 on venue receipt up to $30. Redeem at any time before end of 300/600 level. See Additional Information section below for more details.
or 500 chips for every $1 on venue receipt up to $50. Redeem at any time before end of 300/600 level. See Additional Information section below for more details.
or As prescribed by the Tournament Director.

Important Notes

ROUNDING: To simplify the calculations used for determining the correct amount of chips to issue, the total amount shown on the receipt (excluding gratuity) will, if necessary, be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. For example, $14.01 would be rounded up to $15 but an even value of $14.00 would not be rounded up.

GIFT CARDS: Players who purchase gift cards from the venue may not redeem the purchase amount for any add-ons. The reason for this exclusion is the unique fact that a gift card purchase would enable buyers to be rewarded multiple times for a single purchase - once for the purchase of the card itself and again for use of the card.

FORFEIT: Any player who is eliminated from the tournament while waiting for add-on chips to be issued, or who is removed from the tournament for rule/policy/conduct or other violations will forfeit the add-on(s). Any forfeited add-on chips will not be put into play.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Each player must present his or her own receipt for each add-on. Add-ons may not be shared or split among players. Any player found to be sharing chips or presenting an invalid receipt will be disqualified and removed from the tournament and risks having their Club Membership revoked. An invalid receipt is defined as any receipt that A) was not issued at the tournament venue B) was issued on a date before the tournament or C) is not representative of the actual amount spent by the player attempting to redeem the add-on.

Players at green- and yellow-tier tournaments may redeem 500 chips for every $1 shown on a valid venue receipt. VIP Members receive double payout (1000 per $1). The maximum payout at green-tier tournaments is 15000 for Standard Members and 30000 for VIP Members. The maximum payout at yellow-tier tournaments is 25000 for Standard Members and 50000 for VIP Members. Add-ons may be redeemed at any time prior to the end of the 300/600 level.

For example, if your first valid receipt shows a rounded total of $9, a Standard Member would receive 4500 chips (9000 for VIP Members). If your next receipt shows a rounded total of $15, you would receive an additional 6000 since you have already received chips for your first $9.

No add-ons may be redeemed after completion of the 300/600 level.

The Tournament Director will determine the appropriate amount of additional chips to issue for each add-on based on the receipt presented.