Dealer Classes

Class Details
Open to: Everyone!
Length: 3 hours (approximately)
Class Size: 4 students (min), 10 students (max)
Cost: $30 per person (non-refundable)

Students will learn:

  • Proper Shuffling/Cutting
  • The Pitch (dealing)
  • Splitting Pots
  • Handling Mis-deals
  • Table Management
  • Dispute Resolution

    Classes have been structured to provide students with the fundamentals necessary to improve their Texas Hold'em dealing skills. Upon successful completion (a test will be given following the class), students will be officially "certified" and will receive a special icon on their Virtual ID Card which entitles them to double dealer chips at points tournaments and a $100 cash bonus for a 1st place finish at any Dealer Tournament.

    IMPORTANT: Dealer Certification is good for 12-months and must be renewed upon expiration in order to continue to receive Certified Dealer benefits. Certification may be revoked at any time if dealer is observed to be cheating, colluding, or failing to perform dealer procedures correctly. If certification is revoked, no refunds wil be offered.

    NOTE: Students who complete the dealer class and pass the evaluation/exam will be eligible to compete in that days Dealer Tournament, if one is scheduled.


    There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back soon!

    Email to reserve your spot today!

    Be sure to reserve your spot at least 3 days before posted class date. If there are not at least 4 students signed up at least 24 hours before the class, the class will be cancelled.