Interstate Poker Club VIP Program

The all-new Interstate Poker Club VIP Membership Program has been designed to provide maximum value to our players.

VIP Benefits:

  • Double add-ons at daily points tournaments (Special Events excluded)
  • Automatic entry into one or more $3,000 VIP Invitational tournaments
  • Exclusive white Digital Club ID Card

Membership Options:

  • Single Event ($99 + tax) - Valid through the next scheduled $3,000 VIP Invitational
  • Four Events ($199 + tax) - Valid through the next 4 scheduled $3,000 VIP Invitationals
  • Twelve Events ($299 + tax) - Valid through the next 12 scheduled $3,000 VIP Invitationals

How to Upgrade:

  • Donate now using the secure links below. (credit/debit/ accepted)
  • Donate at any of our daily Points Tournaments. See your Tournament Director for details. (cash/credit/debit accepted)
  • Donate at the $3,000 VIP Invitational (cash/credit/debit accepted)

Donate Now:

Next One (1) $3K
$99 +tax

Next Four (4) $3K
$199 +tax

Next Twelve (12) $3K
$299 +tax