Frequently Asked Questions

General Club Questions
I would like to change my League Nickname. Is this possible?

If you would like to select a new League Nickname, please contact the League Administrator.

I have lost or misplaced my ID Card. Can I receive a replacement?

We no longer issue physical ID Cards. You can access your "virtual ID Card" using your smartphone by visiting and tapping the ID CARD link on the main menu.

Note: If you have lost your Temporary ID card and did not activate it, you will have to request a new Temporary ID card at your next tournament.

What can I win by participating in the Interstate Poker Club?

Our members currently have the opportunity to compete for over $500,000 in annual cash and prizes. That's REAL MONEY!

How old do I have to be to join the Interstate Poker Club?

Membership is restricted to persons 18 and older, however, it is important to note that certain venues may impose their own age requirements (eg,21+).

Do I have to register in order to participate in your tournaments?

Anyone may participate in our nightly qualifying tournaments, but only Club Members may earn prizes or League Points which are used to determine eligibility at exclusive tournaments.

Do all players receive points for playing in a tournament?

No. Only the top 10 players (those who make it to the nights final table) will be awarded points. GUEST players do not receive points. A current breakdown of our Points Schedule is available on this page.

How often may I play in league tournaments?

Players may participate in as many qualifying tournaments as they wish! In fact, players who participate more frequently have the chance to earn more League Points which will greatly increase their chances of winning a seat at a cash or prize tournament.

My point total has not been updated or appears to be inaccurate. Who do I contact to correct this?

Points are generally updated within 24 hours of the end of any Qualifying Event. If more than 24 hours have passed, or if you notice any discrepancies with your point total, please contact the League Administrator for assistance.

You will need to provide your League ID Number as well as the date and location of any events in question, so please include that in your message.

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