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General Tournament Questions
What is a ToC Satellite?

Satellite is a poker term used to designate a tournament at which the winner receives a free entry into a larger event.

Club Members who win any ToC Satellite tournament will receive, in addition to league points, a seat at the Monthly Tournament of Champions.

How much does it cost to buy-in?

There are no buy-in fees associated with any of our tournaments. In accordance with local, state, and federal laws, all Interstate Poker Club tournaments are 100% free to all who wish to enter.

How many chips do players begin each tournament with?

Each player begins with an initial stack of 2500 play-money chips with which to wager, however, additional chips may be provided to players who purchase menu items from the host establishment, wear Official Club Apparel, or help with tournament setup and dealing.

VIP Members receive an additional 2500 starting chips.

How many chips does an alternate start out with?

Alternates are permitted entry into the tournament up until the end of the first scheduled break and will not receive a chip penalty.

What is the blind schedule?

You can view the blind schedules and other information on this page.

How many players are allowed in each tournament?

There is no set limit on the number of entrants. If we have already reached maximum seating capacity, you may still sign-up as an Alternate and join the game as players are eliminated and seats become available.

Alternate seats are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and will only be admitted up to the end of the first scheduled break.

How long does each tournament last?

Game time will vary based on the the number of players involved in the tournament. Most tournaments last about 3 hours from the first flop to the declaration of a winner.

Two breaks will be provided for players that wish to stretch their legs or use the restroom.

May I buy back in to a tournament if I am eliminated early?

No. All Interstate Poker Club tournaments are free to play and "Freeze-Out" format, which means players are not allowed to rebuy after elimination.

Do I have to leave the table once I have been eliminated?

We recommend that all players leave the table immediately upon elimination. This allows our Tournament Directors to quickly ascertain the number of active players at each table without having to visit each table individually.

Is smoking permitted at the tables?

No. Smoking is not permitted at any poker table at any time, whether the venue permits smoking or not.

May I eat at the table while waiting for the tournament to begin?

We highly encourage our players to support the hosting establishment by purchasing food or drink items, however, at no time are players permitted to place food or beverages onto the table surface. Cupholders are provided around the perimeter of each table and should be used for beverages only.

I have reason to believe that another player is cheating. What should I do?

First and foremost, Do NOT confront the player! If possible, wait for the next break and speak with the Tournament Director or Assistant Director.

If you cannot wait for the break, politely excuse yourself from the table and speak with the TD or AD who will investigate the matter and compensate you for any missed blinds.

I have a great idea for your tournaments! Whom should I contact?

We are always happy to receive feedback from our players! In fact, some of the more popular aspects of our games are the direct result of responding to player suggestions.

Please submit all comments or suggestions via email to the League Administrator and, if a reply is deemed necessary, we will get back to you as quickly as poossible.

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