$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event 44, Day 1A)

Interstate Poker Club VIP Invitationals are exclusive monthly 2-day events open to Club Members with an eligible VIP Membership. These events have been broken into multiple days to accommodate more players. Eligible members may play on Day 1A, Day 1B, or both.

Days 1A and 1B will play down to level [to be determined] and chip counts will be recorded. Tournament will resume on Day 2 with the remaining players using stacks earned during Day 1 to play down to a winner.

How to Qualify
Have a valid Interstate Poker Club VIP Membership that is eligible for entry into Event #44 or later. You can learn more about our VIP Program and how to obtain a VIP Membership on this page.

Qualifying Period

Tournament Date
Saturday, September 26

Start Time*

Tannery Row Ale House (Buford)

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
20m | 20m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown. Late arrivals will be seated through the end of the third blind level. Winners must present valid photo ID as well as Club ID to claim any prize.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 09/26/2020)
The list of qualified players below is subject to change. If you're not on the list and feel that you should be, please contact us for assistance.
#Player Nickame
1Legend Member _PEANUT_
ID: 47377
2Legend Member -Hemogloban-
ID: 87988
3Ace Member -M-
ID: 82972
4Champion Member 'ALLINVIN'
ID: 51889
5Amateur Member 133Meade
ID: 98710
6Hotshot Member 2 7 offsuit
ID: 100925
7Legend Member 2Much
ID: 21149
8Pro Member Ace_Prince
ID: 69540
9Hotshot Member AceKingley
ID: 69807
10Champion Member AceKru79
ID: 94155
11Amateur Member AceMan
ID: 67388
12Amateur Member Aces184
ID: 8852
13Fish Member AcunaJr
ID: 108380
14Veteran Member Adriennefu
ID: 101029
15Legend Member Alvi
ID: 21443
16Champion Member Amazulu
ID: 104724
17Amateur Member amv87
ID: 103687
18Pro Member AnyTwo
ID: 82606
19Champion Member Atlanta Kid
ID: 1440
20Master Member AuntieUp
ID: 60549
21Superstar Member BALLER 2
ID: 56740
22Amateur Member Baykahn
ID: 106966
23Hotshot Member bbeeco
ID: 69623
24Legend Member Big Daddy Warbucks
ID: 29502
25Hotshot Member Big Garry
ID: 102278
26Fish Member Big Juu
ID: 107975
27Legend Member bigdaddyluk
ID: 69527
28Hotshot Member BigHunter
ID: 102643
29Veteran Member Bigmal71
ID: 94402
30Fish Member BigSmooth08
ID: 101516
31Amateur Member Bimmer56
ID: 109566
32Shark Member Biscuit1
ID: 47214
33Fish Member BitCoinKid
ID: 102355
34Veteran Member Bizzy585
ID: 104591
35Fish Member Bobbo113
ID: 47496
36Veteran Member Boca Bill
ID: 75344
37Amateur Member Boytoy
ID: 108840
38Pro Member breezy#1
ID: 36302
39Hotshot Member Brown bag
ID: 107550
40Veteran Member BrownSugar
ID: 28936
41Veteran Member buckgrunt1
ID: 109456
42Fish Member Burt Flemm
ID: 102378
43Amateur Member Callabing
ID: 1447
44Veteran Member CAPPY
ID: 51588
45Veteran Member captbdpjr
ID: 101896
46Pro Member chasersface
ID: 33740
47Hotshot Member Chevy Man
ID: 46379
48Fish Member Chilihead11
ID: 108381
49Amateur Member chip it
ID: 40217
50Amateur Member Chop Block
ID: 109160
51Pro Member Chrispy33
ID: 19653
52Shark Member Chuck D
ID: 1043
53Hotshot Member Chuck100
ID: 34718
54Shark Member Cisco Kid
ID: 1460
55Legend Member CJgramps
ID: 25142
56Hotshot Member Clay48228
ID: 69524
57Amateur Member clt3jph
ID: 91225
58Fish Member Cniehaus12
ID: 104718
59Hotshot Member Coast2Coast Costello
ID: 6568
60Legend Member Cobywody
ID: 63308
61Legend Member ConfusedFace
ID: 41323
62Amateur Member Coonass
ID: 58863
63Fish Member cordellbell27
ID: 108666
64Fish Member Couzy
ID: 61220
65Superstar Member Covagir1
ID: 93892
66Hotshot Member Crankyyankee
ID: 103970
67Amateur Member CummingGator
ID: 99402
68Master Member da bears4ever
ID: 37461
69Fish Member daivd02_mattie
ID: 96575
70Legend Member Dancinbear
ID: 47473
71Veteran Member davhollow
ID: 102070
72Amateur Member DavidP
ID: 106919
73Amateur Member Dcobb19
ID: 107047
74Veteran Member Demac30
ID: 102326
75Hotshot Member Derrick_Ramage
ID: 100551
76Pro Member Det2Atl
ID: 62734
77Hotshot Member Dewey
ID: 1832
78Fish Member dharav9
ID: 108820
79Veteran Member Diala
ID: 101895
80Fish Member Disco Dan
ID: 109000
81Legend Member Dnt Underestimate Me
ID: 40079
82Amateur Member DolphinGirl
ID: 105429
83Superstar Member Don Ricardo
ID: 935
84Fish Member DonaldLCarlsness
ID: 105488
85Veteran Member Donthaveone
ID: 104172
86Amateur Member Door#7
ID: 2893
87Amateur Member Dougefresh1968
ID: 109482
88Amateur Member Douglas
ID: 109444
89Veteran Member dovemiles
ID: 77331
90Amateur Member Drenda
ID: 105797
91Fish Member Drunk Aces
ID: 103100
92Veteran Member Drunkmexican_69
ID: 109002
93Hotshot Member Dsuit
ID: 101584
94Legend Member Duce-Tre
ID: 29095
95Veteran Member Dvan
ID: 38639
96Amateur Member dwighteman
ID: 89044
97Legend Member Dymonds
ID: 75517
98Amateur Member E-Z
ID: 41780
99Master Member Ed1025
ID: 85531
100Master Member edbulldawg
ID: 96068
101Veteran Member EGguy
ID: 69031
102Fish Member Erk
ID: 80184
103Champion Member evieliz100
ID: 86839
104Amateur Member EvilRazor
ID: 54414
105Champion Member farmerjane
ID: 103942
106Master Member Fee
ID: 56877
107Fish Member FinesseGod
ID: 103062
108Amateur Member Finn89
ID: 100570
109Veteran Member Fire Truckin Mama
ID: 44985
110Pro Member Firewood Splitter
ID: 71707
111Master Member First_Chef
ID: 92743
112Ace Member FLETCHER
ID: 85821
113Amateur Member Foolcat
ID: 104799
114Amateur Member fotodawg
ID: 98712
115Fish Member frankm
ID: 109554
116Veteran Member fruity
ID: 97020
117Pro Member Fudge
ID: 65172
118Legend Member Fuller Racing
ID: 187
119Amateur Member G- Ma
ID: 96618
120Legend Member Gary25
ID: 74645
121Fish Member Genghis1
ID: 96791
122Veteran Member Geno42
ID: 100723
123Amateur Member GeorgiaBoy Sr
ID: 94529
124Veteran Member Georgie
ID: 99398
125Veteran Member GNote
ID: 105600
126Veteran Member GOHogs60
ID: 103242
127Amateur Member Gregorio
ID: 103897
128Hotshot Member grenadier6
ID: 103670
129Legend Member GunnyP
ID: 80123
130Master Member Halloween
ID: 32955
131Legend Member Hello Buddy
ID: 42683
132Superstar Member HimOrRoids?
ID: 25954
133Champion Member Hitherle
ID: 94040
134Superstar Member Hogman
ID: 13855
135Superstar Member Hold His Own
ID: 4937
136Champion Member HOTNESS
ID: 9928
137Superstar Member Hustles81
ID: 23701
138Amateur Member I Candi
ID: 108839
139Ace Member IceDaddy
ID: 49453
140Ace Member IP Freely
ID: 79249
141Superstar Member Irishlass
ID: 97021
142Amateur Member Irn
ID: 102457
143Champion Member ItTakes2
ID: 58483
144Legend Member J-MAC
ID: 60399
145Amateur Member Jakesterman
ID: 4
146Superstar Member Japonica68
ID: 86330
147Pro Member Jayster
ID: 52024
148Amateur Member Jdozer2018
ID: 107615
149Superstar Member jessunc2011
ID: 104433
150Fish Member JJ Liu
ID: 102333
151Amateur Member JMancuso
ID: 99604
152Legend Member Joanna
ID: 65044
153Champion Member JohnnyP
ID: 19995
154Hotshot Member Jonboy
ID: 79567
155Fish Member JRAB
ID: 57406
156Amateur Member jramos24
ID: 110869
157Fish Member JSHAP
ID: 108955
158Hotshot Member JSVIRGO
ID: 92735
159Fish Member Jtrakalo
ID: 108529
160Fish Member Juggman
ID: 107948
161Amateur Member jupiter0717
ID: 106723
162Fish Member Justice85
ID: 96121
163Hotshot Member Juzcruzn
ID: 16
164Fish Member K Y
ID: 110428
165Legend Member Kamy's Grammy
ID: 5465
166Hotshot Member KardKing
ID: 87429
167Fish Member kendall5588
ID: 114335
168Fish Member Kenelyse
ID: 110405
169Amateur Member Kevin20
ID: 65668
170Legend Member Kimmi D
ID: 81222
171Amateur Member King Karl
ID: 99591
172Amateur Member KINGFISH
ID: 21168
173Fish Member Kinsley
ID: 108086
174Veteran Member kit kat
ID: 43495
175Legend Member kitty-kat
ID: 49382
176Champion Member KL71184
ID: 71184
177Amateur Member Klassy Karen
ID: 4210
178Legend Member Kracker
ID: 7318
179Pro Member Lady Di
ID: 737
180Ace Member Ladyj
ID: 94489
181Fish Member LawdPoker
ID: 107997
182Amateur Member Lawyer
ID: 39655
183Fish Member LeakyTT
ID: 89042
184Fish Member Lifeaculture
ID: 108210
185Master Member Lillpowell
ID: 79125
186Superstar Member LinMen
ID: 86673
187Legend Member LITE GABLE
ID: 63717
188Amateur Member Lloydw
ID: 108488
189Veteran Member Loli11
ID: 103243
190Legend Member LooseGoose
ID: 69529
191Veteran Member Lopaka47
ID: 91471
192Veteran Member loric40
ID: 28380
193Amateur Member Lorijayne
ID: 102080
194Amateur Member Lovelee
ID: 100135
195Pro Member Mack357
ID: 55432
196Amateur Member mackallen
ID: 101107
197Legend Member majorsg1fan
ID: 73403
198Fish Member Marinejon
ID: 108332
199Champion Member markNte Jones
ID: 3565
200Amateur Member Mattie D
ID: 69002
201Amateur Member Mayor5150
ID: 101593
202Fish Member Mcurti24
ID: 103072
203Amateur Member MEGADOR
ID: 104704
204Amateur Member Miami_crystal
ID: 68425
205Amateur Member Michael1977
ID: 109713
206Amateur Member Michiganice
ID: 105741
207Amateur Member Mike Matuson
ID: 100599
208Amateur Member Mike48
ID: 28640
209Shark Member mikebgood
ID: 48831
210Hotshot Member mikemp
ID: 100830
211Fish Member Minxman
ID: 108085
212Superstar Member Mistress_Kisses
ID: 96460
213Fish Member MMerritt
ID: 114336
214Legend Member Mo Money-
ID: 62150
215Fish Member Mojgan
ID: 108745
216Legend Member MOK
ID: 51870
217Amateur Member Moro
ID: 101119
218Amateur Member mospeed
ID: 62268
219Pro Member Mr 10-9
ID: 56686
220Amateur Member Mr Bosk
ID: 81020
221Superstar Member Mr Miyagi
ID: 29405
222Amateur Member Mr NYC
ID: 97883
223Pro Member Ms6Duece
ID: 94901
224Ace Member MsB
ID: 73204
225Fish Member mvahtler
ID: 110256
226Veteran Member Natoria20
ID: 95260
227Hotshot Member Neald61
ID: 107562
228Fish Member Nelly132
ID: 102377
229Pro Member Nephew88
ID: 95776
230Legend Member New Sheriff In Town
ID: 58922
231Amateur Member New_york_allday
ID: 70717
232Amateur Member Nikhil
ID: 109546
233Amateur Member Nilo
ID: 48610
234Pro Member NMYPRIME
ID: 31580
235Pro Member Old Dude
ID: 39510
236Fish Member on_tilt
ID: 108446
237Shark Member onelove08840
ID: 56470
238Veteran Member OnTheOne
ID: 40402
239Veteran Member Ozzy J
ID: 92650
240Amateur Member Patricia19
ID: 109126
241Fish Member PharmD29
ID: 109406
242Champion Member phatnate
ID: 62925
243Legend Member PhucN Frank
ID: 83563
244Pro Member pkeaveney
ID: 85321
245Pro Member PKW
ID: 3384
246Fish Member Playbingo
ID: 108242
247Amateur Member Poker Element
ID: 110878
248Fish Member Poker Junkie
ID: 107949
249Master Member Poker Mama
ID: 1174
250Legend Member Poker Sean
ID: 23487
251Legend Member Poker Whiz
ID: 1762
252Fish Member Poker-wz
ID: 102379
253Amateur Member Pokerccarter
ID: 104998
254Veteran Member Pokerpitbull
ID: 102099
255Hotshot Member PokerPrince45
ID: 6827
256Amateur Member PokerShark
ID: 30465
257Master Member POLO
ID: 34951
258Fish Member Poppadell
ID: 68390
259Shark Member ppasarge
ID: 21138
260Amateur Member precious12
ID: 58056
261Veteran Member Puggy Prater
ID: 51928
262Pro Member Quad Queen
ID: 54752
263Legend Member QueenB
ID: 1393
264Fish Member QuetaWheeta
ID: 108211
265Pro Member Quins Dad
ID: 57778
266Legend Member Ralphjgallagher
ID: 72245
267Amateur Member Ranferi
ID: 109996
268Amateur Member RARE
ID: 106885
269Legend Member Ratharris
ID: 15144
270Hotshot Member Rayted R
ID: 67408
271Fish Member RayTrout
ID: 110722
272Fish Member RBerry
ID: 102120
273Legend Member rbuice
ID: 47379
274Hotshot Member Record Man
ID: 90847
275Amateur Member rhod6321
ID: 98806
276Ace Member RichieRicher
ID: 78471
277Champion Member Ripz
ID: 63471
278Champion Member River Killer
ID: 13
279Fish Member RiverRatWayne
ID: 102793
280Pro Member Rock JR
ID: 6893
281Legend Member RockPainter
ID: 24250
282Veteran Member RyanTheMayan
ID: 96633
283Hotshot Member Saints Poker Girl
ID: 1463
284Champion Member samash
ID: 90712
285Amateur Member Schindler
ID: 102288
286Veteran Member Scoobybos
ID: 100092
287Fish Member Scotlanta
ID: 2960
288Champion Member Shadow77
ID: 65995
289Amateur Member shane411
ID: 103682
290Hotshot Member Shell7892
ID: 100006
291Amateur Member Sheriff Shaun
ID: 104552
292Fish Member Shunna
ID: 108379
293Fish Member simtask
ID: 114400
294Fish Member Siva8915
ID: 108343
295Shark Member Six's
ID: 1391
296Veteran Member sjh5023
ID: 14111
297Fish Member SlickTweakin
ID: 103323
298Superstar Member Slim716
ID: 100428
299Amateur Member Slow Play
ID: 3740
300Legend Member Slow-Rollin
ID: 80464
301Amateur Member Slowlane
ID: 36811
302Legend Member slypig
ID: 55825
303Champion Member Smash Money
ID: 96630
304Amateur Member Smiley63
ID: 101943
305Amateur Member Smokie Snacktime
ID: 286
306Amateur Member Smoking Aces
ID: 47194
307Fish Member SmoovPoker
ID: 87305
308Amateur Member Spalding
ID: 100343
309Fish Member Special Eddie
ID: 103344
310Veteran Member Sphjunior
ID: 90045
311Champion Member spirit101
ID: 47687
312Fish Member SportsAgent
ID: 30839
313Superstar Member Spunky
ID: 86892
314Hotshot Member Spyder Ace
ID: 9518
315Fish Member Squiggy66
ID: 95959
316Amateur Member Stefanie B
ID: 95277
317Fish Member steffie
ID: 102580
318Champion Member stinkina
ID: 61415
319Fish Member Stretch50
ID: 110746
320Amateur Member Stylist7
ID: 7595
321Hotshot Member Suga Britches
ID: 91053
322Veteran Member SummerRae
ID: 46673
323Hotshot Member sung0ddess
ID: 57584
324Amateur Member Suzy-Q
ID: 99499
325Master Member swagdog
ID: 49701
326Pro Member T-boneDD214
ID: 96986
327Hotshot Member t.j.m
ID: 15019
328Champion Member Taco Bob
ID: 9893
329Amateur Member Tank1069
ID: 108957
330Fish Member Tatertot99
ID: 108440
331Amateur Member tay-tay
ID: 41056
332Hotshot Member Taz JW
ID: 99374
333Hotshot Member Teg
ID: 79213
334Fish Member The Eye of Bill
ID: 108956
335Fish Member THE M NEAL
ID: 108896
336Fish Member THERDA
ID: 12786
337Amateur Member TheRush
ID: 55242
338Fish Member TheseHandzz
ID: 110724
339Veteran Member TheSubject
ID: 84010
340Amateur Member thetvpage
ID: 64449
341Veteran Member Ticks and Leeches
ID: 25952
342Veteran Member tim_jones999
ID: 65591
343Hotshot Member Tommy Z
ID: 456
344Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
345Legend Member Vince 10
ID: 17806
346Amateur Member Wilson Greenleaf
ID: 33051
347Legend Member WoodyJax2
ID: 11249
348Legend Member Xcell
ID: 46084
349Superstar Member xxst3v3nLiuxx
ID: 28913
350Fish Member Yennip
ID: 100657
351Hotshot Member yhprumlaw
ID: 96056
352Fish Member Zachhh
ID: 108317
353Amateur Member ZSUPREME
ID: 101021
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.