$500 Broad Street Station Points Championship

Interstate Poker Club Venue Points Championships are exclusive events open to the top players at a specific venue.

How to Qualify
Be ranked in the top 70 at Broad Street Station at the end of the qualifying period.

Qualifying Period
06/28/2021 to 10/18/2021

Tournament Date
Monday, October 25

Start Time*

Broad Street Station (Douglasville)

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
20m | 15m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons
Places Paid

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown. Late arrivals will be seated through the end of the third blind level. Winners must present valid photo ID as well as Club ID to claim any prize.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 06/21/2021)
No players have qualified for this event. Check back soon!