$4,000 VIP Invitational (Event 68, Day 1B)

Interstate Poker Club VIP Invitationals are exclusive monthly 2-day events open to Club Members with an eligible VIP Membership. These events have been broken into multiple days to accommodate more players. Eligible members may play on Day 1A, Day 1B, or both.

Days 1A and 1B will play down to the end of Level 8 and then play will stop and chip counts will be recorded. Remaining players will resume play on Day 2 starting at Level 9 and play down to a winner.

How to Qualify
Have a valid Interstate Poker Club VIP Membership that is eligible for entry into Event #68 or later. You can learn more about our VIP Program and how to obtain a VIP Membership on this page.

Qualifying Period

Tournament Date
Sunday, September 25

Start Time*

To be determined

Tournament Structure

Starting Stack
VIP Bonus
Blind Length
20m | 20m view levels
Playing Dealers
Optional Add-ons

*Registration for qualified players begins one hour prior to time shown. Late arrivals will be seated through the end of the third blind level. Winners must present valid photo ID as well as Club ID to claim any prize.

Tournament Qualifiers (as of 08/08/2022)
The list of qualified players below is subject to change. If you're not on the list and feel that you should be, please contact us for assistance.
#Player Nickame
1Legend Member _PEANUT_
ID: 47377
2Fish Member 2Sick2Tango
ID: 76959
3Fish Member 5562 bait
ID: 109568
4Fish Member Abraham
ID: 114651
5Hotshot Member AceKingley
ID: 69807
6Fish Member ActionGreg12
ID: 114856
7Amateur Member acworthmike
ID: 107050
8Fish Member Adam M
ID: 114865
9Fish Member alanvaughn
ID: 114290
10Superstar Member All-Reds
ID: 104448
11Hotshot Member Allinblind
ID: 91787
12Legend Member Alvi
ID: 21443
13Fish Member Always Smiling
ID: 114653
14Fish Member alwaysthinking
ID: 78560
15Ace Member Amazulu
ID: 104724
16Fish Member American Pharoah
ID: 114809
17Shark Member Apocalypse
ID: 149
18Master Member Applebottom Lover
ID: 52451
19Fish Member ASH34
ID: 114631
20Fish Member Asi Elias
ID: 114638
21Fish Member ATLballa
ID: 114639
22Legend Member atldivaonadime
ID: 63472
23Master Member AuntieUp
ID: 60549
24Master Member Avalanche4
ID: 85696
25Legend Member B POPS
ID: 18017
26Amateur Member Babydog85
ID: 108618
27Fish Member barttichelman
ID: 114500
28Fish Member Big Fella
ID: 114675
29Legend Member bigdaddyluk
ID: 69527
30Fish Member BigNasty
ID: 114864
31Amateur Member Bimmer56
ID: 109566
32Legend Member Blackwidow
ID: 11652
33Fish Member BLOCKH3AD
ID: 114791
34Champion Member blondie297
ID: 44961
35Veteran Member Bluejewel
ID: 109980
36Superstar Member blusbrother
ID: 18527
37Hotshot Member Bob Dan
ID: 44991
38Amateur Member Bob Poland
ID: 40666
39Veteran Member Boca Bill
ID: 75344
40Veteran Member Brittster
ID: 111185
41Hotshot Member Brown bag
ID: 107550
42Fish Member bspack
ID: 114476
43Ace Member buckgrunt1
ID: 109456
44Fish Member Calebowens
ID: 114668
45Hotshot Member Calezzo de Wesso
ID: 30528
46Amateur Member Canes68
ID: 98735
47Fish Member carloschun
ID: 114799
48Fish Member cgarjr
ID: 58343
49Fish Member chadlink
ID: 114524
50Amateur Member Chadwheelerjohnson
ID: 112096
51Amateur Member Cheeky
ID: 104071
52Fish Member Chellekaye
ID: 114853
53Fish Member Chess
ID: 114834
54Hotshot Member Chevy Man
ID: 46379
55Fish Member Chitti
ID: 114846
56Superstar Member Clay48228
ID: 69524
57Fish Member Colby
ID: 114855
58Fish Member cozumelstu
ID: 114873
59Hotshot Member Crankyyankee
ID: 103970
60Fish Member craybh
ID: 114630
61Champion Member Cstrick18
ID: 67001
62Amateur Member ctotheb
ID: 114245
63Amateur Member Dallas1983
ID: 107784
64Fish Member Darryel
ID: 1624
65Champion Member DavidP
ID: 106919
66Fish Member dawghater1
ID: 114515
67Fish Member deannaj515
ID: 114826
68Veteran Member Demac30
ID: 102326
69Hotshot Member Dirtyboi27
ID: 110068
70Fish Member Dolores
ID: 114836
71Fish Member Dr Evil
ID: 115447
72Legend Member Dymonds
ID: 75517
73Amateur Member E-Z
ID: 41780
74Fish Member Eddie F
ID: 25389
75Fish Member EHAM
ID: 104070
76Amateur Member Erick
ID: 94708
77Fish Member Erick 23
ID: 115500
78Fish Member erikkim2
ID: 114292
79Fish Member ET13528
ID: 13528
80Amateur Member EveAdam34
ID: 114129
81Fish Member Felt2222
ID: 114843
82Pro Member Firewood Splitter
ID: 71707
83Fish Member FlushBoat
ID: 115438
84Veteran Member FoucheChuck
ID: 111887
85Amateur Member frankm
ID: 109554
86Legend Member Fuller Racing
ID: 187
87Veteran Member G Money Rob
ID: 20918
88Fish Member Gabe1985
ID: 114833
89Veteran Member Garner1
ID: 94907
90Legend Member Georgia Peach
ID: 51925
91Master Member GOHogs60
ID: 103242
92Fish Member GordoGoBlue
ID: 114340
93Champion Member goroyaldance.com
ID: 11473
94Fish Member Gr33nb3ans3
ID: 102008
95Fish Member GT JEFF
ID: 114505
96Fish Member Hagai
ID: 114607
97Pro Member Hawkman
ID: 45415
98Superstar Member Hogman
ID: 13855
99Fish Member Honer
ID: 114866
100Shark Member IceDaddy
ID: 49453
101Amateur Member IDhia
ID: 111259
102Master Member Irishlass
ID: 97021
103Amateur Member IronDad
ID: 106979
104Fish Member J Guinn
ID: 15023
105Champion Member J'mean
ID: 3975
106Fish Member JA4756
ID: 4756
107Fish Member Jack - GI LLC
ID: 114635
108Fish Member Jacob-6
ID: 114841
109Fish Member jae11
ID: 114667
110Amateur Member Jakee0
ID: 110037
111Fish Member Jamesb
ID: 114829
112Fish Member JamesBond007
ID: 114870
113Fish Member jamestyler
ID: 115417
114Fish Member Jamrock
ID: 114805
115Ace Member Jayster
ID: 52024
116Fish Member JCool
ID: 114597
117Amateur Member Jerbo
ID: 79414
118Fish Member Jero
ID: 114632
119Fish Member jholder
ID: 114594
120Fish Member jhorsley72
ID: 114589
121Fish Member JimE
ID: 114848
122Fish Member jlim9295
ID: 114661
123Legend Member Joe Cool
ID: 1834
124Fish Member John A
ID: 114868
125Fish Member johncovan
ID: 114825
126Fish Member joHnny888
ID: 110794
127Fish Member JR30337
ID: 30337
128Fish Member Jrobinson26
ID: 114844
129Fish Member Jsmithers
ID: 114601
130Champion Member JSVIRGO
ID: 92735
131Amateur Member JUDE11
ID: 58342
132Fish Member JUN
ID: 115489
133Amateur Member Justinallen
ID: 102402
134Fish Member KaeZeeM
ID: 114603
135Champion Member KardKing
ID: 87429
136Fish Member Kevin B
ID: 116908
137Amateur Member Kevin20
ID: 65668
138Ace Member kit kat
ID: 43495
139Amateur Member kixb
ID: 113910
140Fish Member KO31615
ID: 31615
141Fish Member kpdcosta123
ID: 114458
142Fish Member Kris D
ID: 110757
143Legend Member Ladyj
ID: 94489
144Superstar Member Larrys Wife
ID: 109457
145Champion Member Lexknowhow
ID: 108680
146Legend Member LooseGoose
ID: 69529
147Hotshot Member Lopaka47
ID: 91471
148Fish Member Lt Dan
ID: 94959
149Hotshot Member Lucky K
ID: 86249
150Fish Member LyndaGayle
ID: 111422
151Fish Member Macker
ID: 108895
152Amateur Member Maega
ID: 75464
153Legend Member MAGNETO
ID: 47428
154Fish Member markfoster314
ID: 115423
155Fish Member mato8580
ID: 77455
156Fish Member Mattyd
ID: 115455
157Hotshot Member Mayor5150
ID: 101593
158Amateur Member Mclarke74
ID: 114112
159Fish Member MMerritt
ID: 114336
160Legend Member Mo Money-
ID: 62150
161Legend Member MsB
ID: 73204
162Amateur Member Natg34946
ID: 113373
163Hotshot Member Natoria20
ID: 95260
164Fish Member Nhatln
ID: 114636
165Fish Member Nikisha
ID: 114860
166Amateur Member Nilo
ID: 48610
167Veteran Member Nitro1
ID: 108429
168Fish Member NYJMETZ
ID: 114289
169Legend Member onelove08840
ID: 56470
170Veteran Member Ozzy J
ID: 92650
171Fish Member Pagano
ID: 114835
172Fish Member Pakko
ID: 114842
173Veteran Member pamster
ID: 103654
174Veteran Member Patricia19
ID: 109126
175Fish Member pejman
ID: 114964
176Fish Member pfunk41
ID: 114586
177Shark Member pip1947
ID: 54750
178Champion Member PocketBullets
ID: 110084
179Legend Member PokerERstyle
ID: 20064
180Ace Member Pokerfiend
ID: 6570
181Amateur Member PSU guy
ID: 111721
182Fish Member PURPPUFFER
ID: 30466
183Fish Member Raj777
ID: 103096
184Legend Member Ralphjgallagher
ID: 72245
185Ace Member RandyRoo
ID: 51335
186Fish Member RANGER JIM
ID: 114483
187Veteran Member RARE
ID: 106885
188Legend Member Ratharris
ID: 15144
189Legend Member rbuice
ID: 47379
190Hotshot Member Red Phoenix
ID: 44728
191Hotshot Member Red Snapper
ID: 18528
192Fish Member Reubz
ID: 115426
193Fish Member River Jam
ID: 114628
194Fish Member robber4565
ID: 47320
195Amateur Member Robgriffith
ID: 108567
196Veteran Member Roboto
ID: 58549
197Legend Member RockPainter
ID: 24250
198Amateur Member Roflores123
ID: 113821
199Fish Member Sang L
ID: 114663
200Fish Member Sarah 1
ID: 114359
201Fish Member Scotlanta
ID: 2960
202Fish Member ScottyWin1
ID: 115440
203Fish Member Shantyshark
ID: 114657
204Veteran Member Shawty Boi Blak
ID: 51927
205Amateur Member skhill25
ID: 113994
206Fish Member SliccGodK9
ID: 77007
207Fish Member Smack1212
ID: 115493
208Fish Member smavino1
ID: 12112
209Fish Member Snapfade
ID: 115487
210Fish Member Snatch
ID: 5591
211Amateur Member Soccer
ID: 47336
212Fish Member Squiggy66
ID: 95959
213Veteran Member SRkm123
ID: 108130
214Fish Member Stephen0085
ID: 114610
215Fish Member Stepp
ID: 114479
216Fish Member Still Money
ID: 66585
217Fish Member Styles32
ID: 114347
218Hotshot Member Suga Britches
ID: 91053
219Hotshot Member SummerRae
ID: 46673
220Fish Member SunnySoGood
ID: 114662
221Amateur Member Susan_the_Bluffer
ID: 114429
222Fish Member SuzPR
ID: 103335
223Hotshot Member sweet pea 1992
ID: 103247
224Fish Member t_lynn
ID: 48792
225Hotshot Member t.j.m
ID: 15019
226Fish Member TaiHIGH91
ID: 60238
227Legend Member TDDUSMC
ID: 72086
228Hotshot Member The DC Sniper
ID: 6483
229Amateur Member The Suck Out
ID: 116632
230Fish Member thomas b
ID: 114605
231Fish Member Thumb123
ID: 114798
232Fish Member Top Notch HVAC
ID: 114598
233Amateur Member Treeve
ID: 109631
234Amateur Member TrentonTemples
ID: 111767
235Legend Member tyndmar
ID: 133
236Legend Member Viking
ID: 32515
237Amateur Member WALLACE
ID: 78858
238Fish Member webguru
ID: 114796
239Fish Member wesley C
ID: 101263
240Veteran Member What ru talkingabout
ID: 40213
241Legend Member WHITEKNIGHT
ID: 8132
242Legend Member WoodyJax2
ID: 11249
243Amateur Member Worm1254
ID: 94772
244Fish Member xjq12388
ID: 114794
245Veteran Member Yankbh2053
ID: 114113
246Fish Member yankees31
ID: 114587
247Fish Member YEETer
ID: 114388
ID Numbers in RED are non-verified. Please contact us for assistance.