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Club Policies (Last Update: 11/25/13)
As used herein, "IPC" means Interstate Poker Club, its employees, contractors and/or approved representatives. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions for revisions.

Membership Requirements: IPC Membership is free and open to persons 18 years of age and older, however, each tournament host venue reserves the right to set a higher age requirement for entry into their establishment (eg; 21 and up). Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to play in any tournament at any time for any reason.

Right of Refusal: In its sole and absolute discretion, IPC may refuse any player entry into any tournament for any reason.

Cancellations: IPC reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or modify any scheduled event at any time without notice.

Club ID Policy: Players are required to present a valid Club Identification Card at the time of registration, when redeeming add-ons, and after elimination at the final table in order to receive League Points, Additional Chips, Prizes or other Member Incentives. Players found to be manipulating their gameplay statistics by only providing Club ID when they make the final table will be subject to penalty up to and including club expulsion.

Absentee Registration: Players must be present at the host venue in order to register for any tournament or be added to an alternates list. At no time is any player permitted to register any other player who is not present at the venue.

Reserving Seats: Players may not hold or reserve seats at any table for any other player who is not present at the host venue.

Prize Responsibility: With the exception of IPC-sanctioned Special Events, including Monthly Points Championships, Monthly Dealer Tournaments, and Annual VIP Invitationals, all prizes, including freerolls, are the sole responsibility of the venue at which they are awarded. IPC is not liable for any advertised or non-advertised prize that is reduced, unpaid, or otherwise modified by the host venue.

Claiming Prizes: In addition to a valid Club ID Card, players are required to show a valid state-issued Photo ID or Driver's License in order to claim any prize. If the player cannot provide both forms of ID, or if the names on both cards do not match, the prize may be withheld until player identity can be verified and it is determined that the player meets any eligibility requirements to receive such prize. A Temporary Club ID Card is not acceptable to claim any prize since such cards do not facilitate verification of player identity.

IPC may disqualify any person from receiving any prize based upon fraud, dishonesty, violation of tournament rules or other misconduct.

Table Clutter: The only items permitted on the table surface in any player position are IPC Tournament Chips, IPC Playing Cards, Club ID Cards, and one (1) Card Protector. At no time may any player place any food, beverage or tobacco-related items on the surface of the table. Drinks may be placed in the tableside cup holders and mobile phones or other approved electronic devices may be placed on the table rail.

Lost Items: Any player who brings personal belongings into any tournament venue does so at his or her own risk. IPC is not responsible for any damage to or theft of personal belongings brought to any tournament. Any items found to have been left behind following a tournament will be given to venue management for placement with other lost and found items.

Currency: Under no circumstances is currency of any kind allowed on any poker table at any time. An exception will be made for collector coins being used as card protectors.

Smoking/Tobacco: IPC prohibits the use of any tobacco product while seated at any poker table, whether indoors or outdoors, and regardless of the smoking policy of the host venue. Prohibited tobacco products include, but are not limited to: cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and all smokeless tobacco products (dip, snuff, chew, etc.)

Additionally, the use of electronic cigarettes, aka "eCigs" or "vaping" devices is not permitted at any table.

If the venue permits smoking, players must step away from the table and remain at least three (3) feet away while smoking/vaping or using smokeless tobacco products.

Hygiene: This rule shall include, but is not limited to, any player whose personal hygiene has become disruptive to other players seated at their table. The determination as to whether a player’s personal hygiene is disruptive to other players shall be determined by the Tournament Director who may, in his or her sole and absolute discretion, disqualify any such player who refuses to remedy the situation in a manner satisfactory to IPC. This rule shall also apply to any player whose perfume, cologne, or scented body spray is deemed excessive, offensive, or disruptive to other players.

Approved Electronic Devices: Players are permitted to use approved electronic devices such as iPods, MP3 players and other music players or noise-reduction headsets during tournament play until the start of the Final Table, provided the use of such approved electronic devices is not disruptive to other players or used to cheat in any way. At the start of the Final Table, an announcement will be made asking players to remove headphones/earbuds and discontinue use of all approved electronic devices. Failure to comply with such a request will result in penalties up to and including tournament disqualification.

Cell Phones: Participants not involved in a hand shall be permitted to text/email at the table, provided they do not text/email any other player at the table. If IPC, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, believes a player is communicating with one or more other players at the table, all parties will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. Any player who wishes to talk on a cell phone must leave the table and remain at least three (3) feet away for the duration of the call.

Data Inaccuracies: It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that his or her tournament points, dealer credit, and play statistics are accurately recorded. Errors or omissions must be reported via phone or email within 48 hours of the publication of tournament results in order for corrections or adjustments to be made.

Data Loss: IPC will not be held liable for any tournament data loss, scoring inaccuracies, or statistical anomalies resulting from computer malfunction, theft, accident, or disaster. When possible, any errors made by IPC will be promptly corrected, provided notification of such error is given in accordance with the provisions outlined in Policy 16.

Decisions: All decisions regarding the interpretation of the tournament rules, player eligibility, scheduling and staging of the tournament, and penalties assessed for misconduct lie solely with IPC, whose decisions are final.

Policy/Rule Changes: IPC reserves the right to modify Club Policies, Code of Conduct or Tournament Rules at any time without notice. The newest documents will always be available at: